New York, NY

Over 100 guests joined Jennifer Krieger of Hawthorne Fine Art in celebrating the ongoing work of Scenic Hudson while enjoying the exhibition of Hudson River School artists at the Gallery. Guests enjoyed cocktails and hors d’ouevres catered by Gigi of Rhinebeck, New York. Ned Sullivan, President of Scenic Hudson was joined by Ms. Krieger, in welcoming guests to the gallery located at 74 East 79th Street in Manhattan.

Specializing in 19th and early 20th century American paintings, Hawthorne Fine Art offers a selective inventory of Hudson River School, American Impressionist, Tonalist, still-life and genre paintings. Chosen for their quality, beauty, and rarity, all works are curated with meticulous scholarship. With emphasis on connoisseurship and research, Hawthorne’s staff provides each client with insight into a work’s value and its place in the current art market as well as the broader scope of art history.

Margaret King, Ned Sullivan, Dudley Blossom, Eugenia Blossom
Thomas Remien and Ashley Gallman
Marybeth Gillen, Asbjorn Lunde, Rosemary Vrablia
Nadine Keegan, Dawn Watson
David Redden, Jennifer Krieger
Marjorie Hart, Jim Goodfellow
Margaret & Jim Harbison, Phebe and George Bank
Leo Keegan
Dan Wright and Ned Sullivan
Robert Skingle, Eric Siegel, Rita Lasearo
Margaret King, Fay Todd
Tara Sullivan, Barney McHenry, Shelley & Nick Robinson
Morrie & Fenella Heckscher, Marjorie Hart
Susan Livingston, Cathleen Stack
Kieran Goodwin, Francesca Olivieri
Elena Stokes, Cree Frappier, Erin Riley
Marjorie Bhaunami, David Roady, Ashok Bharnani
Kathleen Fortino, Anne Pellizzeri
Eric Seigel, Jennifer Krieger
Ned Sullivan's Family
Jennifer Krieger
George Banta and Phebe Banta
Susan Livingston, Ned Sullivan, Sara Griffen
Joan Kend, Alice Melly
William Hicks, Liz Flinn, Jim Goodfellow
Jim Goodfellow, Erin Riley
Simon Roosevelt, Loli Roosevelt
Liz Flinn, David Mordecai, Irv Flinn, Samantha Kappagoda
Alan Rothschild, Sandra Guenther Clark
Cathleen Stack, Chris Regan
Susan Goodfellow, Liz Flinn, Jim Goodfellow
Alexis Harrison, Andrew Stack
Jennifer Krieger, Ned Sullivan, Susan Livingston
Johnnie Moore, Erin Riley
Raoul Bhaunani, Kathleen Fortino
Erin Moriarty, Jennifer Krieger
Susan Livingston, Robin Key, Sara Griffen
Margaret King, Alice Melly, Jennifer Krieger
Jody Harris, Gloria Gange
Ned Sullivan
Erin Riley, Nigel Widdowson