New Canaan Country School Auction

Saturday, April 24, 2010
New Canaan, CT

On April 24th, New Canaan Country School held a lively auction and dinner/dance to celebrate “The Mosaic of Country School.” Co-Chairs Carolyn Jeffrey of New Canaan and Lynne Byrne of Darien headed an outstanding committee of parent volunteers, assisted by faculty and staff volunteers. Revenue from this event supports the Living the Mission campaign to benefit academic programs, financial aid, and faculty development.

Photos by Helen Neafsey and ChiChi Ubiña

Event Co-Chairs, Carolyn Jeffrey and Lynne Byrne
Susan Schulz and Tracy McManus
Steve Rogers and Mark Maganusen
John and Marte Small
J.P. and Amanda McNichol
Ann Stewart and Linda Marshall
Jane Schoenholtz, Brooke Connors, Lisa Sparks, and Libby Hudson
Kerry Stevens, Olivia English, and Wendy Dewey
Jennifer Ferm and Lisa Sparks
Uchenna and Dan Pratt
Mark and Tara Metcalf
Subodh Karnik, Kristen Rogers, Smita Singh
Merrill Shafer, Patty DeLana, Wendy Baker
Olivia English with Marnie and Jon Gizzie
Rob and Laurel Howe
Cara Herdeg
Whitney Lancaster, Dan McLeod, and John Lancaster
Matt and Sanny Warner
Tracy Merrill, Wendy Dewey, Joe Merrill
Patrick and Brooke Connors
Kathy Klingenstein, Richard and Sheila Schlesinger
Fell Herdeg and BB McLeod
Corey Laverack, Carolyn Jeffrey, and Winslow Laverack
David and Brennan Strine with Bob Williams
Mark and Daneille Fitzgibbons with John DeGulis
Rick Gould, Alec Casey, Peter Wyman
Bill Stoops, Nick and Kit Rohn
Alice Wyman, Susan Schulz, Alumna Sarah Casey
Head of School, Tim Bazemore, with Tom Quinn and Mark Taubner
Evan Clark and Nancy Overlander
Lucy Ball, Bambi Riegel, John Small
Mark Fitzgibbons, Stuart Parker, John DeGulis
Chris Alpaugh and Reany Critchell
Eila Johnson, Vicky Gold, Laurel Howe
Matt and Mariko LeBaron
Mark and Susan Santero
Carolyn Arntzen, Wendy Dewey, Elizabeth Kontulis, Kate Lowe, Morten Arntzen
Anne Carr and Chelsea Staniar
Kelly DeGulis and Jennifer Barnard
Louise and Clifton York
David Jaffe, Helen Jaffe, Alec Casey
Tom Dale, Martha Lane, and Jud Staniar
Matt LeBaron, Sam Schoonmaker and Andrea Assarat
Rick Gould, Mimi and Marc Tabah
Barney and Suzie Walker
Kelly DeGulis, J.D. DeGulis, Amy Stevens
Bob Williams, Leah Kimmet, JoAnna Williams
Carolyn Woodberry, Julie Halloran, Lee Marine
Bob and Laurel Howe
Michael and Sandra Savage