Boys and Girls Club Centennial

Friday, September 10, 2010
Greenwich, CT

On September 10th the Boys & Girls Club of Greenwich celebrated its Centennial with a True Blue Birthday Bash, a gala dinner dance for 500 guests. The club’s ice rink was transformed by huge balloons tethered to tables with blue ribbons and bunches of blue hydrangea as centerpieces. The blue theme was reflected in the guests' attire with ladies asked to wear “a dress in a shade of blue – any hue will do.” Décor was provided by Renny & Reed, catering by Peter Callahan Catering.

In addition to dancing to the music of Hot Band NY, the program for the evening included a video recounting the Club’s history and impact on the community ending with the kids singing the song "100 Years" with lyrics rewritten by Cathy Dishner. Executive director, Bob DeAngelo thanked the chairs, Kristy Harteveldt and Susan Carmichael for a memorable evening marking an outstanding milestone. Trustee David Ogilvy led an effort to raise funds for the Champions for Children fund and asked guests raise their glowing paddles to light the way into the club’s second century of serving children.

Kristy Harteveldt, Bob DeAngelo, Susan Carmichael
LeeAnn Thornton, Amy Dana
Kristy and Michael Harteveldt
Avery and Susan Carmichael
Danielle Tropsa, Don Palmer
Don Palmer, Sukie MacFadden
Steve Lerangis, Ellen Reed
The Committee
Kristy and Rob Harteveldt
Polly Hanson, Ashley Allan, Lisi Vincent
Kathy Slocum, Sharon Platter, Dave Platter
Keith and Maria Ward
Kimberly and Chris Clark
Brian Shipman, Pari Naz
Reed McIlvaine, Peter Callahan
Kathy Slocum, Eleni Henkel
Meline and David Dickson
Frank and Vicky Williams
Dee Hickey, Drew Marcus, Cathy Dishner, Valerie & Brad Wilpon, Catherine Marcus
Tammy Berczuk, Kristin Duda, Michael Duda
Andrew and Alyson Cowin
Carol and Jim Henderson
Cynthia Kim, MaryJo Riddle, Cathy Slocum, Kristy Harteveldt
Krissy Schmitz, Bill Schmitz, Melissa Chickering, Philip Chickering
Diane and Bruce Terry
Susan Carmichael and friend
Astrid Womble, Jim Henderson, Susan Fahey, Scott Fahey
David and Anne Juge, Chris and Ellen Hoeffel
Richard Powers, Avery Carmichael
Doyle and Bridget Queally, Rob Hartedeveldt
Mimi and Peter Santry
Mimi and Peter Santry
Valerie Wilpon, Nancy Alchek, Randye Kwait
Karen Royce, Nel Otto
Marina Jacobson, Carolyn Lemone, Jill Weiss
Susan Carmichael, Kristy & Rob Harteveldt and friend
Laura Darrin, Lisa Sheldon
Kristy Harteveldt, Nancy Risman, Nancy Better
Anne Ogilvy, Elise Green
Melissa Chickering, Judy Higgins, Diana Higgins
Emilie Powers, Peter Henkel, Susan Carmichael
Lindsay Reimers, Ellen Kaufmann
Chuck Mosher, Paul and Lauren Ghaffari
Bob Kaufmann, Valerie Kalmbach, Dohn Kalmbach
Wendy Henderson, Audrey Schaus, Jessica Zirinis
Cosby George and Audrey Schaus
Nina Weld, Judy Higgins
Julie Burke, Dan Waters, Susan Fahey, John Burke, Vickie Waters
Jenny Baldock, Jenny Klein
Louisa and Jay Winthrop
Megan Dowley, Cosby George, Beth Taylor, Michelle Wolfran
Mary Jeffery, Jay and Melissa Gibbons
Mimi Santry, Kim Augustine
Sandy and Tori Brown
Phoebe and John Erdman
Sarah Greenhill, Tia Mahaffy, Annesley MacFarlane
Colette and Gary Howe
Nancy Whaley, Bob Nolan, Mary Carpenter
Lisa and Scott Stuart, Sarah Greenhill
Beau Taylor, Tiffany Burnette, Don Casturo
Patty Kelly, Catherine Wolstencroft, Elizabeth Gary
Pam Reimers, David and Annesley MacFarlane, Becky Hughes
Juliet and Holt Thrasher
Regina and Tom Cholnoky
Elizabeth and Terry Darling
Ted Henderson, Wendy Henderson, Jim Henderson
Claire O'Brien and Urling Searle
Ann Murray, Caroline Mock, Bradley Mock, Patricia Barakett
Valerie Wilpon, Adam Rohdie
Boo Huth, Regina and Tom Cholnoky
Molly King, Jim Matthews
Ann Marie Mellert, Karyn Calcano, Lawrence Calcano
Rick and Dee Mayberry, Don Pascal
Bill Hughes, Ellen and Chuck Mosher, Mark Schmidt
Linda and Bob Douglass
Lee and Bonnie Richards
Polly Hanson, Kelly McIlvaine, Allison Knight
Liz Mendel, Nancy Whaley
Anne DeNaut, Britta Scott, Sarah Greenhill, Kathy Heidt, Margaret Miao
Susan Carmichael, Kay Morton, Tracy Yort and friend
Michelle Binnie, Marina Jacobson
Gary Howe, Adam Rohdie, Jeff Gendell
Jeff Weiss, David Hoffman
Liz Nolan, Tom Ortwein
Hilary McAtee, Seth Bernstein
Alex Bergstein, Kinga Lampert, Douglas Von Oiste
Rob Leary, Bridget Queally, Nora Leary
Abby Jordan, Heather Mosley, Dan Mosley
Sheldon and Krissy Gordon
Kelly and Reed McIlvaine
Heather and Dan Mosley, Michelle and John Binnie
Allison Troy, Cindy Leaman, Diddle Mcallister, Lisa Skinner, Joan Beth Brown, Bill Farrell
Linda Douglass, David Ogilvy
Ed and Leslie McElwreath, Scott Lemone
Valentina and Nick Prouty
Bill Morton, Mark Dowley, Tom Ortwein, Bob DeAngelo
Nancy Axilrod, Irene Ponce
Jimmy Knight and Lisa Stuart
The Boys and Girls Club Staff
Dana Rogers, Linda Hoffman, Kristy Harteveldt, Susan Carmichael
Molly King, Bob DeAngelo
Bill and MaryJo Riddle
Bobby Greenhill, Icy Frantz, Matt Zolan
George and KK Lowther
Bob and Liz Nolan
Pam and Carl Reimers
Diddle Mcallister and friend
Jean Witmer and Linda Douglass
Meline Dickson and Annesley MacFarlane
Leslie and Tom Foley, Trever Ganshaw