Breast Cancer Alliance Luncheon

Thursday, October 28, 2010
Greenwich, CT

870 people attended the 15th anniversary Breast Cancer Alliance annual Benefit Luncheon and Fashion Show. Funds raised by the event will support breast cancer research, outreach and education programs in 2011.

The event began with the presentation of the Mary Waterman Award, named after the Alliance's founder, to the Alliance's founding members for creating an enduring organization that contributes to advances that will one day conquer this disease. They are Lucy Day, Susan Elia, Kenny King Howe, Valerie Marchese, and Cecile McCaull. In addition, the award was presented to Mary's physician, Dr. K.M. Steve Lo, who remains actively involved with the organization as chairman of the Medical Advisory Board.

Guest speaker Hoda Kotb gave a warm and entertaining account of her professional life and her battle with breast cancer. One of the highlights of this year's event was the "Pink Glove Dance" video, produced by Bob Capazzo. Set to the tunes of Jay Sean ("Do You Remember") and AKON ("Beautiful"), the movie had the audience tapping their feet as they watched the Alliance community come together to raise awareness and show support for our efforts. [To view the video, please visit]

The fashion show by Mitchells/Richards, set a celebratory mood as luxurious looks for fall, winter and even a seemingly far away spring garnered appreciative murmurs and applause. Proving that even doctors have style, the runway show finished with 12 friends of the Alliance - all area physicians who serve on our advisory board or participate in BCA activities.

The "paddle raise" was back with an added flair. Guests donned beautiful pink cashmere gloves donated by "The Cashmere Sale"/Angie and Steven Sall and raised their hands to pledge donations that will provide free mammograms for underserved women.

Debbie Black, Paige Montinaro, Andrew Mitchell, Jill Ciporin and Julia Dunn
Anne Friday and Lisa Fleming
Jill Coyle and Kelly Albano
Janet Wilson, Andrew Mitchell and Marsha Shendell
Maria Schmidt, Lisa Skinner and Nan Johnson
Marsha Mifflin and Kirby Williams
Elaine Bronin, Livvy Floren, Melissa Filippone and Dr. Andrew Bronin
Ellen Keats and Rebecca Cooper
Katie Neviera and Chrissy MacTaggart
Marsha Shendell and Bran Berni
Kerstin Lindholm and Eva Grayear
Lisa Walsh, Lotte Meister, Kathy Petersen and Laurel D'Antoni
Mary Squicciarino and Leah Rumbough
Andrew Mitchell and Polly Hyman
Belinda Benincasa and Margaret Sinclair
Suzanne Sennatt, Kathy Carr and Carla Kidd
Vicki Morton, Julia Dunn and Trish Davies
Meg Moscati, Mary Helen Holzschuh and Betsy Coons
Barbara Wood M.D., John Andrews and Margaret Sinclair
Carol Santora, Cathy Sutton and Kathy Clark
Caroline, Julia and Elizabeth Dunn
Brook Dabrowski and Cindy Biondi
Debbie Black and Kathy Hanson
Donna Craft and Dr. Donna Twist
Renee Ketcham and Anne Friday
Suzanne Peisch, Sharon Platter and Bobbie Hanson
Aphrodite Skeadas, Maria Allwin and Jennifer Diamond
Diane Garrett, Deirdre Ryan and E.V. Day
Mary Ann Henry, Sarah Rawson, Ann Dietz, Marilyn Gordon and Judith Wertheimer
Vince and Christine LaPadula
Connie Clephane and Barbara Dalio
Maxine Armstrong and Carol Santora
Wendy Sarasohn
Betsy Korn, Kiera Lynch, Rose Coschigano and Hilary Haroche
Ellen Keats, Marty Gendell and Rise Nattler
Johnna Yeskey and Shirley Flierl
Mary Ann Henry and Anne Niemeth
Jennifer Groves, Judith Caiati and Jennifer Stranzl
Jannie Garrish, Campbell Garrish and Joan Whipple
Patti Fast, Peggy Bitler and Kim Fulton
Cricket Lockhart, Marie Woodburn, Katy Finnell and Susan Mill
Nina Prodromidis and Tanya Smith
Amy Clark, Danna Orapall and Rise Mattler
Janie Drittel, Mimi Santry, Holli Cutting, Mary Jeffery
Diana and Judy Higgins
Andrew Mitchell and Hoda Kotb
Lorena O'Brien, Caroline Brecker, Susan Heidre and Catherine Keating
Kathy Slocum and Cathy Sutton
Deborah Cogut and Joanie Reznik
Dee Maybury, Maria Schmidt, Linda Hoffman and Wendy Henderson
Isabel Dunay, Susan Thorkelson and Nancy Smith
Susan Bevan, Gina Filippelli, Barbara Buffone and Elizabeth Brown
Kelly Albano and Tori Brown
Linda Hoffman, Laura Forstmann and Icy Frantz
Amy Dana, Michelle Binnie and Holli Cutting
Ji Eun Way and Lynn Wheat
Samantha Moro, Alyssa Keleshian, Jennifer Linardos and Kim Fulton
Darby Cartun and Sara Nelson
Suzanne Sennatt and Kathy Carr
Leslie Fahrenkopt-Foley and Leora Levy
Susie Crafford, Caroline Luz and Susan Garofoli
A Sea of Pink Gloves