Greenwich, CT

Sixteen leaders across the dimensions of fashion, architecture, film, food and wine, science, media, finance, design and the arts participated in unique and glamorous dining evenings to benefit the Bruce Museum. Dimensions in Dining, named and organized by co-chairs Pamela Lewanda, Leora Levy, and Linda Munger, featured a series of 11 intimate, elegant dinners in private homes throughout Greenwich over three nights in early November.

Alicia and Ray Joslin hosted author and screenplay writer, Cheryl Howard and producer-director, Ron Howard

Ron and Cheryl Howard and Ray and Alicia Joslin
Linda Munger and Cyndy Anderson
Cheryl Howard and Alicia Joslin
Laura and Andy Prozes with Linda Munger
Ron and Cheryl Howard with Peter C. Sutton
Jerry and Sheree Friedman
Steve Munger and Lee Weinstein
Pat and Ed McLaughlin
Don Casturo, Tiffany Burnette and Jennifer Weinstein
Jane Kim, Alicia Joslin and Deborah Royce
Deborah Royce, Marek Lewanda and Ron Howard
Jerry Friedman, Pamela Lewanda, Marek Lewanda and Sheree Friedman

Patricia and John Chadwick hosted founder and president of one of the world's largest hedge funds, Ray Dalio

John Chadwick, Barbara Dalio, Peter C. Sutton, Patricia Chadwick and Ray Dalio
Patricia Chadwick and Ray Dalio
Muffin Zoubek and Barbara Netter
Barbara and Ray Dalio
Yves Crouzet and Master Chef Jean-Louis Gerin
John Chadwick and Ray Dalio
Bob Goergen, Ed Netter and Charles Zoubek
Trish and Mark Davies with Theresa Rogers Matthews and Philip Matthews

Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou hosted artist, EV Day and cookbook author, Ted Lee

Ted Lee, E.V. Day, Michael Kovner and Jean Doyen de Montaillou
Beverly and John Watling
Al Lhota and Tamara Holliday
Ted Lee and E.V. Day
Jessica Ussery, Jean Doyen de Montaillou and Michael Grunberg
Michael Kovner, Anne Elser and Fred Elser

Lucy and Nat Day hosted wine expert, George M. Taber

Nat Day, George M. Taber and Lucy Day
Jessica Fass, Jieun Wax and Jennifer Brown
Phyllis Nicholas and Bruce Nicholas
Dan Fass and Michael Carley
George M. Taber
Jean Taber, Michael Brown and Lucy Day
Mary and Richard Radcliffe
Dan and Jessica Fass
Leora Levy and Tamara Holliday
Myrna Haft and Jieun Wax