Greenwich, CT

Billie Messina and Geri Corrigan of Saks Fifth Avenue held a fun night out for Brunswick School moms in anticipation of their upcoming fashion show this spring. Saks will provide the clothing for the show and moms and their sons will be modeling. Michelle Binnie and Amy Dana are co-chairing the event.

Michelle Binnie, Amy Dana, Geri Corrigan, Billie Messina
Ayssa Keleshian Bonomo and friend
Cynthia Chang, Scanlan, Ellen Hoeffel
Christa Hartch
Shelby Saer, Carol Henderson, Michelle Binnie
Nina Weld, Tracy Yort, Betsy Murphy
Pam Keller, Christa Hartch, Sarah Barringer, Lauren Kenny, Paige Montinaro
Geri Corrigan, Ellen Hoeffel
Eileen Tang, Michelle Binnie
Carol Henderson, Wendy Henderson, Rima Williams
Paige Montinaro, Binney Huffman, Jill Coyle
Amy Dana and Michelle Binnie
Nancy Long, Liz Lee
Eileen Tang, Michelle Binnie, Julie Johnson, Geri Corrigan, Billie Messina
Nancy Axilrod, Mary Jones, Christa Hartch
Amy Dana, Kimberly Fett
Alice Ruf, Chrissy Vonoiste
Maritza Block, Tiffany Burnette, Angela Michalik
Pam Keller, Lauren Kenny, Lisa Godvin
Michelle Binnie, Amy Dana
Tracy Grossman, Dr. Lynne Haven
Amy Dana, Carolyn Wiener
John Desarbo, Geri Corrigan
Rhonda Sherwood, Wendy Henderson, Carol Henderson
Sarah Barringer, Tracy Grossman
Michelle and Amy having fun
Ellen and Christopher Hoeffel, Geri Corrigan