Bruce Renaissance Ball

Saturday, June 04, 2011
Riverside, CT

Noche Latina, the Bruce Museum’s 24th annual Renaissance Ball, was a fantastic success! Approximately 360 people came to the Riverside Yacht Club on June 4th to celebrate and support the Bruce. Gala co-chairs Carmiña Roth and Jennifer Weinstein, along with their incredible committee chairmen and dedicated and creative committee members worked hard to ensure a beautiful and successful event. Linda Ruderman-Rosier created a design that was contemporary, tropical-inspired and chic through ambient lighting, illuminated bars and tables and gorgeous orchid and exotic flower arrangements. Mary Ann Henry and the Live Auction committee organized several wonderful packages and the live auction was led by Courtney Booth of Sotheby’s. Guests were entertained by Starlight Orchestra whose music kept everyone on the dance floor moving and had just the right amount of Latin flair. The premier social event of the Greenwich calendar, the Renaissance Ball benefits education and exhibition programming at the Bruce Museum.

Thank you to all those who helped make this year’s event a success:

Elaine Ubiña, GWay Marketing Gymnasium, Linda Ruderman Interiors, Maggie Tringali, Moffly Media, NY Lounge Décor, Parking Productions, Riverside Yacht Club, Smith Party Rentals, SOAP Presentations, Stamford Tent & Event Services, Starlight Orchestra, Horseneck Wines & Liquors, the Greenwich Police Department and all the dedicated volunteers for their contributions to this event.

Nathaniel Day, Peter Sutton, Tamara Holliday, Carmiña Roth, Jennifer Weinstein, Alicia and Ray Joslin
Ralf and Carmiña Roth
Lee and Jennifer Weinstein
Peter Sutton, Alicia and Ray Joslin
Tamara Holliday, Nathaniel Day
Alicia and Ray Joslin
Leora and Steve Levy
Jennifer Weinstein, Carmiña Roth, Liz Hopper
Lucy Day, Alicia Joslin, Leora Levy
Bunny Kolodner, Pamela Usdan, Myrna Haft
Ana and Bill Cordingley
Sam and Libby Welch, Jill and Gary Swarni
Leora Levy, Deborah Daum
Herb Granath, Alicia Joslin, Ann Granath
Joannie Wilkins, Leslie Wolfson
Christina Vanderlip, David Hendrickson
Lance and Gretchen Bylow
Andrea and Terrance Crikelair
Michael Grunberg, Al Lhota
Christine and Craig Elkind
David and Ingrid Hang, Gretchen and Lance Bylow
Lilly Armstrong, Arianne Kolb, Peter Sutton
Diane and Gordon Garrett
Roy and Melissa Salamé, Steve Levy
Leora Levy, John and Kate McNamara
Sachiko Goodman, Allan and Darby Cartun
Linda Ruderman-Rosier, Linda Chase Jenkins, Jennifer Burraway
Mairtin and Berdie Brady
Patty and Jim Read
Jennifer and Andy Bernstein
Marek and Pamela Lewanda
Betsy and Ed O'Reilly, Alyssa and Tom Bonomo
Robert and Maya Tichio, Lauren Saunders, Lori Feldman, John Saunders
Dino Rivera, Bug Sutton
Leora Levy, Melissa Salamé, Linda Munger
Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Linda Munger, Michael Kovner
Linda Ruderman-Rosier, Alicia Joslin
Philip Matthews and Terry Rogers Matthews
Peter Sutton, Patricia Chadwick
Susan Lynch, Bug Sutton
Chris and Rachel Franco
Adrianne and David Singer
Blake and Catherine Holden
Virginia and Juan Meyer
Tanya Smith, Whitney Lucas-Rosenberg
Madison and Nora Grose
Dr. Jenne Britell, Leora Levy, Robert Whitby, Claude Lourie, Roger Lourie, Kathleen Whitby
Edward and Margaret Bragg
Carol Kanter Cohen, Gary Cohen
Libby Welch, Kate McNamara, Julie Woods, Kimberly Johnson
Fred and Anne Elser
Crissy and Kellian Robinson
Jim and Martha Caron, Kathy and Ernest Megdanis
Lauren Lazar, Ingrid Hang
Alicia Joslin, Patricia McLaughlin
Kathleen Metinko, Jan Kniffen
Sue Ann Weinberg, Peter Sutton
Larry Simon, Jennifer Weinstein, Christophe Kolb
Malcolm and Natalie Pray
David Portny, Eileen Ohnell Kim
Will Browne, Jocelyne DeNunzio, David DeNunzio, Carol Browne
Allison Nelson, Alyssa Portny
Carolyn and Stephen Westerberg
Louis Fink, Barbara Petersen Parker
Pat and Ed McLaughlin
John and Patricia Chadwick
Bill and Ana Cordingley, Will and Heather Castle
Melanie Milgram, Leigh Ann Ryan
Tiffany Burnette, Hilary Haroche
Zhanna Zervos, Regina Kudoyarova
Bob and Kim Haskins, Anne and Chuck Niemeth
Gretchen Bylow, Don Casturo, Betsy O'Reilly, Tiffany Burnette
Michael Grunberg, Susan Mufson Finkelstein
Russell and Carrie Wallack, Lauren and Mike Lazar, Craig Elkind, Christopher and Pamela Tuzzo
Allan and Darby Cartun, George Drink, Wilma Jordan
Mary Ann Henry, Nancy Raquet
Harry and Edna Keleshian
Darby Cartun, Jieun Wax
Patricia and John Chadwick, Liz Hopper, Richard Wooster
Pam and Bob Goergen
David and Alyssa Portny
Edward Yorke, Aundrea Amine, Jim Amine, Mrs. and Mr. Lodge
Tatiana Panchenkova, Zhanna Zervos, Irena Ioffe, Regina Kudoyarova
Carol and George Crapple
Bill and Vicki Fitzgerald
Page Hershey, Burt MacGillvary
Larry Simon, Nora and Madison Grose
Diane Ohl, Bill and Ana Cordingley
Jim Amine, Trish Davies, Carney and Melissa Hawks, Mark Davies
John Driscoll and Lauren Kelley
Maria Babaev, Irena Ioffe
Tom and Alyssa Bonomo, Edna and Harry Keleshian
Richard Kessler, Nancy Raquet, Bill Wallace
Laurance and Missy Baschkin, Martin Seidel
Andy and Laura Prozes, Jocelyne and David DeNunzio
Katie and Alex Schaller
John and Deborah Daum
Chuck and Deborah Royce
Susie Fugelsang, Pam Goergen
Jean Doyen de Montaillou, Michael Kovner, Deborah Royce, Steve Levy
Herb and Ann Granath
Leora Levy, Claude Lourie, Roger Lourie, Melissa Salamé, Roy Salamé, Steve Levy
Erik Cohen and Maude Lemercier
Heather and Will Castle
Alyssa and Tom Bonomo
David Cluett and Tina Teel
Nancy Raquet, Carol Crapple
Karen and Andy Richard
James and Carolyn Lockhart
Aleem and Ji-mei Mawji
Margie and Bruce Warwick
Tanya Smith, Catherine Holden, Jennifer Burraway
Linda Chase-Jenkins, Arthur Jenkins
Nora Grose
John Driscoll, Lauren Kelley, Stephen and Carolyn Westerberg
Michel Witmer, Patricia Chadwick
Pam and Bob Goergen
Jennifer Clark, Mairtin Brady
Michel Witmer
Tamara Holliday
Fernanda and Cristiano Leao
Franchesca and Charles Biondo
Tamara Holliday, Al Lhota
Tiffany Burnette
Allison and James Nelson, Willow and Tim Oberweger
Tom and Patti Meyer
Susan Mufson Finkelstein, Berdie Brady, D. Robert Stepanian
Regina and Mario Gabelli
Shaker and Zoe Khayatt
Richard Grasso, Dara Ratchford, Tomoko Haber, Charles & Franchesca Biondo