Labor Day Weekend Reading: The Barrett Book store presents a selection of local authors’ newest books for your late summer reading.


Walter RaquetWalter Raquet – Greenwich, CT

“Government is Killing the Economy”

Co-founder of Knight Financial, which transformed Wall Street trading, and a whistleblower who uncovered one of the biggest financial frauds in history, Walter Raquet outlines a plan in his book “Government is Killing the Economy”.The book offers common sense thoughts, distilled from a 50-year career, on a cure for the tremendous negative economic impact of regulation and government mismanagement on the U.S. economy. The three biggest problems he sees are: Over-regulation as embodied by the 74,000 pages of regulations and commentary on them comprising the U.S. Tax Code; uncontrolled and unexamined government waste; and public and private fraud. All of this has resulted in the middle class not getting any wage increases for more than 15 years, and younger people losing hope that they can benefit as their parents did from America’s promise.


Ann LinebergerAnn Lineberger – Darien, CT

“The Adjustments” $16.99

In the postcard Connecticut town of Cannondale, financial status is followed closely by social standing. Nowhere is this battle more fiercely contested than among the housewives of Fairfield County. Drama, jealousy, and intrigue emerge as the women delve deeper into the greedy, status-obsessed underbelly of Cannondale. And when one dark secret finds the light of day, it will threaten to change their lives forever.





Elizabeth BirkelundElizabeth Birkelund – New York, NY

“The Runaway Wife” $15.99

Three beautiful French sisters entrust an American hiker with the mission of rescuing their mother, Calliope, who is hiding high in the Alps. The mountains are filled with beauty and danger, not the least of which is Calliope’s desire to stay hidden. And all the while, the hiker finds himself haunted by the memory of her daughters and conflicted in his desire for them.



Kristen HarnischKristen Harnisch – Darien, CT

“The California Wife” $17.95

In the sweeping, poignant, stand-alone sequel to The Vintner’s Daughter, the Lemieux family’s ambition to establish an American winemaking dynasty takes Sara and Philippe from pastoral Napa to the Paris World’s Fair and into the colorful heart of early 20th-century San Francisco.





Sara GoffSarah Goff, Darien

 “I Always Cry at Weddings” $14.99

Engaged to a wealthy NYC socialite’s son, Ava is ready to set the city abuzz with her glamorous wedding. At least until she realizes her relationship isn’t what it should be. Then, in a move as daring as a red satin dress, she does the unthinkable: she calls it off and makes a promise to God that from now on, she’ll save sex for marriage. She’s convinced the future is hers for the taking especially when an undercover cop promises a new romance and an unexpected friendship with the homeless guy under her stoop brightens her days. But when her carefully balanced life teeters out of control, weddings are the only thing to make her cry. Ava has to figure out what life she really wants to live and what in the world love really means.


Lauren AcamporaLauren Acampora – Westchester, NY

“The Wonder Garden” $16.00

With enchanting realism, these linked stories bring to the page the myriad lives of a suburban town, and reveal at each turn the unseen battles we play out behind drawn blinds, the creeping truths from which we distract ourselves, and the massive dreams we haul quietly with us and hold close. Deliciously creepy and masterfully complex “The Wonder Garden” heralds the arrival of a phenomenal new talent in American fiction.




Fiona DavisFiona Davis – Bedford, NY

“The Dollhouse” $26.00

A debut novel that “pulls readers into the lush world of New York City’s glamorous Barbizon Hotel for Women, where a generation of aspiring models, secretaries, and editors lived side-by-side while attempting to claw their way to fairy-tale success in the 1950s, and where a present-day journalist becomes consumed with uncovering a dark secret buried deep within the Barbizon’s glitzy past”.



Camille AubrayCamille Aubray – Redding, CT

“Cooking for Picasso: A Novel” $27.00

“The French Riviera, spring 1936. It’s off-season in the lovely seaside village of Juan-les-Pins, where seventeen-year-old Ondine cooks with her mother in the kitchen of their family-owned Cafe Paradis. A mysterious new patron who’s slipped out of Paris and is traveling under a different name has made an unusual request–to have his lunch served to him at the nearby villa he’s secretly rented … Pablo Picasso is at a momentous crossroads in his personal and professional life–and for him, art and women are always entwined … New York, present day. Caeline, a Hollywood makeup artist who’s come home for the holidays, learns from her mother Julie that Grandmother Ondine once cooked for Picasso”



Wendy WalkerWendy Walker – New Canaan, CT

“All Is Not Forgotten” $26.99

“In the small, affluent town of Fairview, Connecticut, everything seems picture perfect. Until one night when young Jenny Kramer is attacked at a local party. In the hours immediately after, she is given a controversial drug to medically erase her memory of the violent assault. But, in the weeks and months that follow, as she heals from her physical wounds, and with no factual recall of the attack, Jenny struggles with her raging emotional memory. Her father, Tom, becomes obsessed with his inability to find her attacker and seek justice while her mother, Charlotte, prefers to pretend this horrific event did not touch her perfect country club world. As they seek help for their daughter, the fault lines within their marriage and their close-knit community emerge from the shadows where they have been hidden for years, and the relentless quest to find the monster who invaded their town – or perhaps lives among them – drive this psychological thriller to a shocking and unexpected conclusion”



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