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Faces of Philanthropy: Jenny Baldock

“I am interested in non-profit boards that provide a vital public service, ideally locally, where I feel I can make an impact.  I look for boards that have positive, engaged board members, who also don’t take themselves too seriously or have a terrific sense of humor so that our time together is fun as well as rewarding.”  For more than 25 years, Jenny Baldock has been making a notable difference in Fairfield County. From Greenwich Emergency Medical Services (GEMS) to Boys and Girls Club of Greenwich, from Greenwich Library to Brunswick, Jenny embodies a potent combination of leadership, intelligence, and compassion. Read More...

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Arctic Adventure

We relish wildlife experiences. Quark Expeditions, a Leader in Polar Adventures, offers small-ship journeys to Arctic and Antarctica destinations – all focused on wildlife and environmental awareness and conservation. We chose to visit Svalbard, a Norwegian island in the uppermost Arctic territory. Our ultimate goal was to view polar bears in their natural habitat. We also wanted to learn first hand about environmental changes and the ice flows. Read More…

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Faces of Philanthropy: WILDLIFE IN CRISIS

Dara Reid was just 23 years old when she founded Wildlife in Crisis (WIC). Over the past 31 years, the nonprofit has consistently cared for more than 5,000 animals each year —from tiny hummingbirds to large black bears. “Because of the continuing development of open space, the need for our services grows every year,” says Dara. “’Death by a thousand cuts’ causes habitat fragmentation and the linear rise of injured and orphaned wildlife as a result.” WIC’s goal: returning debilitated wildlife to their natural environment. Read More…

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