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Spicing Things Up

"I would like a shot of hot sauce, please." I recently returned from a girls trip with a group of wonderful women. One woman, in particular, is the inspiration behind this article. We were out to lunch when she pulled out a Ziploc bag filled with green chilies (for the record, we were in St. Barth’s, so she snuck these little guys through security), chopped one up and added it little by little to her food. Read More...

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Sustainable Luxury on the Trending Island of Dominica

Dominica (pronounced Dom-in-eek-a) has been called “the only island that Columbus would still recognize.” There is something primordial about the Nature Island’s densely forested mountains, volcanoes, boiling lake, thermal pools, black sand beaches, and crashing waterfalls. Some of the world’s oldest sea creatures—whales and sea turtles—pay visits and a community of native people, the Kalinago (formerly Carib), still live as they have for thousands of years. Read More...

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