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Spring Trip to Washington, DC

Early March of 2020 was an exciting time for our family, our oldest son was graduating from The Basic School (Marines) in Quantico, Virginia and we decided to make a family trip to Washington, DC for it. It is a trip we will always remember and be grateful for, not only for the wonderful family time we had together, but it was the trip before Covid entered our lives and changed the world. Read More...

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A Winter Staycation in the City

If you are anything like me, you’re in dire need of a new trip to plan and a getaway to look forward to, but most of all, a change of scenery after many months spent at home. With ever-changing travel restrictions and a long winter ahead of us, my husband and I decided we needed to get back into the groove of planning experiences to keep us sane throughout the next few months. Read More...

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