By Elaine Ubiña

Everyone can think of at least one saving grace during the last five months, mine has been an email series called Health Talk and Healthy Bites that are produced by the owners of Mountain Trek, the award-winning hiking-based retreat, for their alumni. I was fortunate to be invited, two summers ago, to this fantastic hiking fitness retreat in British Columbia. It was a “hike” to get there, but the six days of hiking and wellness were totally worth it. Each day started with a gentle knock on your door, a small health shake, easy yoga class, followed by a delicious balanced chef’s breakfast and a wellness talk. The topics ranged daily from stress to nutrition, to sleep. After the morning talk, we would head out the door with backpacks, poles and hiking shoes to a 3 to 4 hour hike in the beautiful breathtaking Canadian Rockies. Our group of 12 was split into 3 teams depending on your level. I generally opted for middling or slower. It was nice to take in the scenery versus powering up those steep hills. The best part of the hike were the delicious snacks and lunch that the chef made for us. Often a hearty soup with a delicious piece of fruit were on the menu. Upon return to the lodge, our happy group would soak our feet, have a delicious tea and enjoy another wonderful talk by one of the team from MT. We learned a lot. Most of us were “stressed out” and as the week wore on, really learned to calm down. The hot tub, sauna and steam room, plus massages, which followed an early dinner and quick fitness class, were a great way to get the toxins out and promote a deep sleep in our very comfortable rooms with private baths.

Health Talk and Healthy Bites have been a fantastic way to keep the Mountain Trek community together and sane! Every week, we receive an email with “a bite-sized dose of healthy information.” It contains a healthy recipe from MT’s superb chefs, a quickread with suggestions for furthering your health journey, an exercise video and much more. Health Talk Happy Hour series is a live conversation with MT’s Program Director Kirk Shave. Topics surround taking action to improve our health, whether it’s balancing hormones, finding ways to destress or sleep better (don’t look at a screen two hours before bed!). The live health chat is recorded, so one can listen at your own convenience.

The good news for our readers is that Mountain Trek is offering an At-Home Virtual Health Reset, the weekend of August 7-9. The award-winning hiking-based retreat employs fitness, personalized health and mindfulness programming to allow guests to achieve unique wellness goals has launched their condensed 48-hour version, where guests are expertly guided through yoga, exercise classes and fitness sessions, healthy meal preparation and cooking, and stress-reducing tactics. Using live video, group and direct chat functions, a maximum of 15 guests will work hand-in-hand with the Mountain Trek team to follow the program and reset their health. Guests learn how to relax fully, sleep deeply, manage and reduce stress, and reset their metabolic and hormonal systems. The schedule and more details about the program are here. We hope you will be one of the lucky participants to join the Mountain Trek alumni!