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Faces of Philanthropy: BluePath Service Dogs

Blue is the color of clear skies, tranquil waters, and refreshing pools. It’s also the color associated with autism—and the color of the vests BluePath service dogs wear when they’re working. Launched at the end of 2016, BluePath places service dogs with children who have autism—totally free of charge. For families, “A service dog is ‘hope in a blue vest.’” Read More...

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LOOK Health and Fitness: Dairy is Off the Table

“Insanity: Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.” - Albert Einstein. I want to profess; I am not a nutritionist. I am a fitness enthusiast/junkie. Even if I have had five glasses of wine and an entire gluten/dairy laden pizza, I will still wake up the next day and follow my fitness regimen. However, with that said, one can never expect to achieve their weight loss goal if only exercising. Consumption is everything! Read More...

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Scottsdale Spa Escape

Right about now you’re probably yearning for some quiet time for self-care. How about unwinding in a whirlpool under palm trees, in a steam room, or on a massage table with a view of cacti and nearby mountains? Add yoga, tennis, golf, hiking, horseback riding, and dining under the stars overlooking a gorgeous tiled pool. Scottsdale, Arizona is a resort haven; here are some favorites. Read More...

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Faces of Philanthropy: Special Education Legal Fund (S.E.L.F)

Autism. Dyslexia. Speech and language delay. Physical disabilities. Mental health challenges. Special education is complex – with its own language, acronyms, timelines, and legal standards. Ten years ago, Christine Lai and Ulrika Drinkall entered this arcane world to advocate on behalf of their own children. They came out the other side informed, energized, and with a mission. Last year, they formed the Special Education Legal Fund (S.E.L.F). Initially, S.E.L.F. only provided grants for legal support to families in need with children in the special education system. But as word of their organization spread, S.E.L.F. expanded to include even more resources. “Without our support, these families would have had no recourse in the legal system for what was happening with their children,” says Christine. Read More...

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Faces of Philanthropy: Regional Hospice and Cynthia Emiry Roy

“We speak openly about what each patient wants and then honor his or her unique end of life journey,” says Cynthia Emiry Roy, MS, LCSW, CHA. Honesty, peace, compassion, dignity are more than words to Cynthia—they are the hallmarks of Regional Hospice, the first and largest nonprofit hospice in Western Connecticut. Whether taking care of patients in their own home or in the 36,000 square foot Center for Comfort Care and Healing, Cynthia and her staff push to make sure each patient’s last days are filled with grace and warmth. Read More...

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LOOK Health and Fitness: Making Fitness a Lifestyle

“If the sun comes up, I have a chance.” - Venus Williams. One of my all time favorite ways to exercise is getting outside and making Mother Nature my workout partner. Fitness trends are showing that more and more people are opting out of the studio and large gym workouts and focused more on what they can do outdoors in any climate. Obviously a winter storm isn’t exactly ideal (yet go shovel the driveway and, trust me, your body will be sore). However, make sure you use your legs. Your back will thank you. Exercise is an antidepressant and being outdoors makes it that much more exhilarating. Read More...

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Mesa Verde: Ancient History, Timeless Beauty

Walk where thousands of ancient people lived more than a millennium ago; entire villages sheltered in the cliffside alcoves of a steep canyon. Perhaps spot wild horses roaming in the woods, on an 8,500-foot mountaintop. Where would you think this might be? Turkey? Australia? Africa? No: Colorado. Read More...

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Patricia Walsh Chadwick: Little Sister, Big Success

“I wanted to write the stories of my childhood because in another 50 years there would be no eyewitnesses to the social experiment that was St. Benedict Center,” and so Patricia Walsh Chadwick began the journey of writing her memoir, Little Sister. Published this April by Post Hill Press, Patricia tells the remarkable, often heart rendering, story of growing up in a religious community that became increasingly draconian and isolated. And how, at 17 years old, her life took an unexpected turn that lead to success in the world of finance. Read More...

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