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Good Morning Vietnam

By Susan Farewell Photo By Susan Farewell This is how most mornings start in Vietnam…with a hot bowl of Pho, a soup with rice noodles, chicken or beef and fresh herbs spiced up with an array of fish and chili sauces, lime juice and other potent ingredients. For visitors, it’s a great way to [...]

Busy Women: Christy Girard

Photography by ChiChi Ubiña Greenwich Police Detective, GA Volleyball Coach, Mother of Two, Masters Degree Candidate Greenwich police detective Christy Girard packs more into a day than most people. Work, family, sports, giving back to the community, AND she’s also studying for her Master’s degree in Public Administration. Christy came to Greenwich from the NYPD. [...]

Busy Women: Izabela O’Brien

Photographs by ChiChi Ubiña Beautiful inside and out -- Special needs advocate, pageant contestant, mother of three Meeting Izabela O’Brien you can’t help but be struck by her stop-you-in-your tracks looks. But don’t let appearances deceive. Izabela works hard to balance being the mom of three active daughters, running a non-profit for special needs children, and [...]

Garden Spotlight

Italy and Princeton Meet on Round Hill Road Photographs by ChiChi Ubiña How did you come to Greenwich? We met in the early seventies and we were married soon thereafter.  We enjoyed life in New York City as we pursued our respective careers in teaching and corporate finance. The birth of our son motivated a move [...]