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Penny Putnam: Conversations in Light and Color

At The Barn, Downing Yudain Gallery Photography by ChiChi Ubiña Penny Putnam’s is the classic American story: small town girl from the Midwest (and then the South) goes to New York City to chase a career. A 35 year immersion in graphic design followed. Working initially for Raymond Loewy, the famous industrial designer, and eventually [...]

Penny Putnam: Conversations in Light and Color2022-04-12T11:51:56-05:00

Faces of Philanthropy: Lynn Hagerbrant

Founder, Shaker’s Anonymous and Parkinson’s Body and Mind A Solution to Coping with Parkinson’s Disease Photography by ChiChi Ubiña Lynn Hagerbrant is a retired cardiac, intensive care nurse who has lived in Greenwich for 29 years and been active in the community helping people with Parkinson’s Disease since she was diagnosed with PD in 2010. [...]

Faces of Philanthropy: Lynn Hagerbrant2022-04-01T10:40:39-05:00

Liquid Zen Launches in St. Thomas

By Joe Mattioli In March of 2020, I took my family on a seven-day charter on a 52-foot catamaran. Our son had recovered from a major health issue, and we promised we would take a family vacation of his choice. He suggested that we rent a boat and I started searching and asking questions. We [...]

Liquid Zen Launches in St. Thomas2022-03-18T17:55:06-05:00

LOOK Health and Fitness: Making Fitness a Lifestyle

“If the sun comes up, I have a chance.” - Venus Williams. One of my all time favorite ways to exercise is getting outside and making Mother Nature my workout partner. Fitness trends are showing that more and more people are opting out of the studio and large gym workouts and focused more on what they can do outdoors in any climate. Obviously a winter storm isn’t exactly ideal (yet go shovel the driveway and, trust me, your body will be sore). However, make sure you use your legs. Your back will thank you. Exercise is an antidepressant and being outdoors makes it that much more exhilarating. Read More...

LOOK Health and Fitness: Making Fitness a Lifestyle2020-01-14T22:01:44-05:00