Portrait by ChiChi Ubiña

Whether it’s a sophisticated penthouse in Manhattan or a stylish Greenwich or Westchester family home, there are six Cs that epitomize Douglas Graneto’s style and work ethic: classic, contemporary, color, cohesive, collaboration and chameleon. Douglas is a gentleman. He is soft-spoken and warm. He and his business and life partner, Wear Culvahouse and their daughter make their home in Greenwich and have their offices there. Douglas interprets the “six Cs” when working with their clients to “build a story for their homes.” A relationship takes shape as he gets to know his client, their needs, habits and tastes. He familiarizes himself with their style, which he considers “expressions of a client’s personality and their history.” He is able to start with a clean slate, whether it is an empty room, new construction or outbuilding. He also enjoys tackling a renovation and finds the most innovative ways to display furnishings and collections. His chameleon side brings out his love and knowledge of art history and blending contemporary pieces with antiques.

Longevity of design is important for Graneto. He and his client start with a road map. He addresses the client’s lifestyle and requirements. Do they have children? Are there pets? Do they entertain? Will there be casual or formal spaces? A combination of both? No problem! Douglas seeks functionality for the home with “practicality and purpose.” The initial plan, whether for an entire home or a specific room, is similar. Lists are made, budgets created. Furniture is assessed to include proportions for the room. Walls, ceilings, floors, windows and lighting are all considered. Color, fabrics, texture and light create the mood of a room and layering is a wonderful way to finish it.

In today’s climate, the home office is key. Graneto “builds the room around its occupant.” Technology and functionality are very important. How does the person live in their office? What do they want surrounding themselves on a day-to-day basis? A nod is given to collections – whether it is art work, furnishings or a collection of guitars – they are all placed with much thought and consideration to create a serene place for work.

Follies can be fun and very creative. Are you building a pool house? Or does your new house have a party barn? How about that bonus room over the garage? Planning is vital. For outbuildings, Graneto states, “it is important to complement the interior and exterior of the home. Form and function are key and often the amenities need to reflect those in the main house.” Once the strategy is in place, the style can come out. It is a place to let one’s hair down and relax.

Fairfield County LOOK’s video team created a series of videos with Douglas Graneto. We invite you to get to know Douglas and his warm and easy-going personality. We hope you enjoy them.

Douglas Graneto Design LLC
61 Ridgeview Avenue
Greenwich, Connecticut 06830
Phone: 203-622-8383
Email: info@douglasgraneto.com

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