Portraits by ChiChi Ubiña

“W A T E R” is both the muse of artists Frances Ashforth and Susan Williams, and also the title of a new show of their works which opens at The Barn @ Downing Yudain Gallery located in historic Long Ridge Village in backcountry Stamford on Thursday, September 22nd, and runs through November 18th











Open Hours 
October 13, 4-6 pm
October 21, 4-6 pm
October 28, 4-6 pm
November 2, 4-6 pm
November 10, 4-6 pm
( otherwise we are open by appointment. )

The exhibition consists of 30 works each examining the artists’ reaction to water in their purview.  Ashforth, with her crisp powerful, graphic punch, and Williams, with her fine brush, 19th century plein air approach, married with bold colors, honor the precious, often overlooked, vital compound necessary for our very existence.

“I am delighted to present these two passionate artists together as their work plays off each other and creates a magical experience for the observer,” says gallerist Lily Downing.

Says Ashforth, “Water has been a huge part of my life, from my early days as a white water canoe guide in northern Maine to time spent in numerous wild and remote habitats fly fishing.  Water continues to be my focus in my studio.  Rivers, wetlands, tidal inlets and open ocean, water is ever present and is the life of our planet.  My hope is that my simple landscapes capture a stark elegance that garners respect for the land.,. a respect that reminds us of the grit, variety and beauty that both land and water share with us on a daily basis.

Williams comments: “Well, I am an Aquarian who grew up in New York City surrounded by polluted water – especially in the 1960’s and ’70’s.  My apartment on 20th Street had a tiny view of the East River.  I remember my mother would say ‘don’t get too close, you could get tetanus if you swim in it.’”  Funny thing, I realized as a kid that the city was known for its pure drinking water, but I couldn’t touch what was outside my window.  In this dichotomy I began painting dreamy, watery landscapes as a refuge from city life.  The beauty of the natural world is not something which is ‘out there,’ it’s internal.  I need to transform beauty into paintings.  But I also need to confront the threat of climate change and the devastation of the natural world in my work.”

The Barn @ Downing Yudain is a private gallery located in a restored 19th century home barn in historic Long Ridge Village in picturesque North Stamford, minutes from Greenwich, New Canaan, Stamford and adjacent to Bedford, NY.  The gallery website is art357.com which lists contact information and open events.  The show may be viewed by appointment, call 917 544 6417 or email info@art357.com.  The gallery mounts four or five curated shows a year, and in addition hosts lectures and book signings.  Downing Yudain is advisory which serves collectors, estates and institutions.