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His work makes presidents, media personalities, and celebrities look rested, younger, more dynamic. Long-time Greenwich resident, Dr. Darrick Antell has been practicing cosmetic surgery at his New York City, Park Avenue office for more than 20 years. You could say he’s seen it all, and made it all look better, a lot better.

Dr. Antell says that “good plastic surgery should whisper, not shout.” With summer around the corner and people on high alert about their appearance, LOOK asked this Top Plastic Surgeon (as ranked by the New York Super Doctors) to provide his take on current trends.

The overarching view: opt for smaller, less apparent procedures starting at a younger age.

When it comes to specifics, Dr. Antell has head-to-toe recommendations.

Fillers – Fillers like Botox are in big demand. Clients look better without changing their look. Having worked with high profile personalities, Dr. Antell says, “you can get filler on Monday and deliver a lecture on Tuesday.”

Face lifts – Fillers can’t always cure all. The combination of a face lift and injected volume gives a natural, youthful appearance. Dr. Antell favors shorter incisions and tightening deep layers. Volume can come from either fillers or a patient’s own fat. Bonus! The stem cells in fat also help with skin’s quality.

Chin implants – While most people immediately think of reducing a double chin, Dr. Antell also recommends a stronger jaw line for a more authoritative appearance. With a unique combination of degrees – plastic surgery plus dentistry – Dr. Antell is renowned for chin implants. Fact: studies show that both male and female CEOs tend to have stronger chins.

Men – Gentlemen are just as interested in Botox and fillers as ladies.  But they also have more interest in chins (see above about CEOs!). Dr. Antell has developed the “waddle-ectomy,” which removes sagging skin under the chin. Plus! You can be back at work as soon as 4 days after this appearance enhancing procedure.

Breasts – Today both saline and silicone are safe. Unlike years ago, silicone implants now feel more natural due to their cohesive gel (think jello more than old-style lava). Whereas implants restore volume and give a little lift with a single incision, breast lifts actually require multiple incisions. Long-term: silicone has staying power and isn’t prone to deflation like saline implants.

Body contouring – There’s been a lot of buzz about machines for contouring. This new technology requires multiple appointments to achieve the desired effect. Dr. Antell believes the best results come with a traditional single procedure approach. For instance, micro-liposuction on the upper arm removes fat and tightens. Say goodbye love handles, hello flat tummy and Michelle Obama arms.

The final tip: Never underestimate the advantage of healthy living. Smoking, sun, stress – they exact a huge toll. The effect is so profound, Dr. Antell’s groundbreaking study on twins comparing healthy versus non-healthy lifestyles is featured in the Smithsonian’s Museum of Natural History Human Genome exhibit.

Plastic surgery can be like a buffet. There’s a dizzying amount of choice. Knowing what’s right for you requires an expert with surface skin and three-dimensional contouring.  After all, as Dr. Antell says, “People want less obvious, more natural looks. The goal is to give people confidence.”

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