Gunn Guys: Sebastian Clarke

2017-12-2 Sebastian-Gunn guy profile0124
Photography By: CHICHI UBIÑA
Clothing provided by Rodd & Gunn Greenwich

Rodd & Gunn and Fairfield County LOOK are proud to present the series, “Gunn Guys.”  Sebastian Clarke is wearing Rodd & Gunn and is photographed on location at The Greenwich Antiques Show/Antiquarius with G. Sergeant Antiques, Woodbury, CT.


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Where do you work?  I am the director of Estate Service at Rago Auctions and an appraiser on the PBS television show Antiques Roadshow.

Job title:  Director, Estate Services

Married?  Kids?  I am divorced with two fabulous children, Charlie age 9 and Beatrice age 6.  My girlfriend has a beautiful daughter Margot (aka Go) who is nearly 2 – a blended family!

Where do you live?  Hopewell, New Jersey

When you want to look casual but sharp, what’s your go-to outfit?  Jeans, Chelsea boots, shirt/tie, and tweed jacket.

What’s the one item of clothing you can’t live without in your wardrobe? Accessory?  I’d have to say pocket square.

Shoes or watch — what’s your splurge item?  Without question watch!  I have a small collection of watches.

What is still in your closet from your college days?  I didn’t go to college. I moved to America when I was 18 to “get my act together.”  That was 23 years ago.

What’s on your holiday wish list?  Quality time with my Girlfriend and all of our kids – it has been an extremely busy year.  A new (vintage) watch might be in the cards. 

What fashion trend do you wish would go away?  People wearing sweatpants on an airplane – looking sloppy in public is a big pet peeve.

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How do you stay in shape?  I was really into triathlons for a few years until I decided I hated swimming.  Now it’s running and biking.

Favorite sport to play/do?  I’d say Triathlons – after I’ve done the swim! 

Favorite spectator sport?  I took my son to a soccer game this summer and remembered how fun it is to watch.

Favorite vacation spot?  South of France – my parents have a small house in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.

Favorite electronics/gadget?  iPhone.  Unfortunately, I can’t do without it.

Favorite decade for music?  70’s. I love soul/Motown.

What concert in the past would you give your eye teeth to attend? Who do you want to see now?  I would have LOVED to have seen Miles Davis live.  I saw Coldplay a few years ago at Metlife – that was great.

Beer or bourbon?  Um, both?

What shows are you streaming now?  I’m counting down the days until the second season of The Crown.  I’m also looking forward to Grand Tour, which comes out in December.

Charity of choice?  I have type I diabetes, so JDRF is a charity of which I am very supportive.