By Amy Lewis
Photography by ChiChi Ubiña

“Sometimes, it feels like my kids are having a contest on who can make me have a mental breakdown first,” Sarcastic Mommy.

Being on lockdown in my house is like a prison sentence. I’m eating way too much junk food (which for the record, I am snacking right now), and all I do is clean up after kids. How are any of us going to get through this Corona scare without going a little crazy? On top of that, it’s a full moon, Friday the 13th, and the market is horrible! Mind you, I, along with most of my friends, have just canceled the one big trip we take as a family every year. So, in other words, we are in this together but separately at the same time.

I typically workout with friends, but now I’m stuck to partner training with my kids… which can take a wrong turn at any moment. The best bet is to head outside, preferably a field that is not your yard. I found they get way too tempted and want to go back inside. Our area is full of turf fields, which are great for fun circuits and wide open enough that you’re not near anyone. Bring a tennis ball. I train in the city with a Division 1 athlete, and he loves these little games with his tennis ball. If your kids can throw, everyone can do this.


Light stretching, any kind, I don’t want to get into specifics because kids and adults struggle if it’s too complicated. Maybe try a light jog around the field two times.

Circuit 1

Use some Animal Flow moves. I studied this workout in Toronto last summer. Kids love it. Moves include crab walk forward and back. Try to get down half the field forward and half the field backward. End with two full-lengths of the field doing a bear crawl. This move is on your hands and feet and is a lot of work. My trainer will be doing the NYC marathon in 2020 entirely in a bear crawl. He has estimated it will take him over 17 hours. It’s an entire body workout in itself.

Circuit 2

Games. Use a tennis ball. One person throws it; the other starts with their stomach on the ground in front and facing you. You say go; the person pops up, sprints away as you throw the ball, and they sprint and try to catch it over the shoulder. Do it five times each then repeat three sets. Another fun game is to face each other one person with the ball the other about 10 feet away. They start with happy feet, and they have to run either right or left, depending on which direction you throw the ball. Every time they catch, or you throw, they go right back into happy feet.

Circuit 3

Squat jumps or static squats, push-ups, and abs.

Whichever kind of squat you can do, make it a competition with who can get to 20 squat jumps first or who can hold the most prolonged squat. Try it three times. Push-ups are also fantastic for both indoor and outdoor, and I love this one! The goal is 100 in total, doing sets of 10 with a 3-second break in between. For us, females and kids try this one on your knees. Trust me when I say it’s hard, and you will struggle as you get to the 80th push-up, but it’s a fun accomplishment. Abs, you can almost be anything. Full sit-ups or a plank competition. I did a 10 min plank once against my friend’s middle school son. We are both very competitive, which made it one of my favorite workout days of all time.

My suggestion is if you are wondering about the proper form or how to do something exercise-related – Google it! I do this all the time if I don’t understand what something means. There is a YouTube video for everything. All this may seem a bit corny and cumbersome, but the option of going to “Get Air” is seriously not an option. And exercise is a fantastic way to build up your immune system. Good luck, and stay healthy!