Photography by ChiChi Ubiña

Our community participated in the BCA’s Get Fit for Hope on May 17th, 2020. It was a challenge to exercise at your own home while raising essential breast cancer care funding for the growing number of underserved women affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Individuals and families picked their workout of choice, to be done alone or together, be it walking, running, spinning, yoga or one of the online classes BCA offered. It was a chance to be healthy and help raise essential funding to defray breast health care costs for the growing number of underserved women who need our support now more than ever.

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Mary and Kim Jeffery
Will — 22 — graduating from Notre Dame and commissioning as a second lieutenant the Field Artillery Branch of the Army
Lily — 21 — Boston College rising senior
Carolyn and Jamie — 18 — graduating from GA and heading to University of Richmond

What activity is your family doing for Get Fit?
A cross fit workout in our backyard after our son’s virtual college graduation that day!

Are you dedicating your workout to anyone?
We are dedicating our family workout to those dealing with breast cancer, but especially a few of our close friends who are dealing with it right now or recently.

Has breast cancer affected your family?
Mary’s father and aunt had breast cancer.

What have you been doing to stay in shape during the time you’ve been at home?
Mary and Lily and Jamie: Lots of walks and runs
Will: Workouts with improvised weight devices
Carolyn: Yoga
Kim: Bike and treadmill
Ping pong for all of us!

What’s your favorite music/song to work out to?
Lose yourself — Eminem
Hard out here for a country boy — Cadillac Three
Blinding Lights — The Weeknd

Sports/activities/exercise kids and parents play when not in lockdown:
Jamie and Carolyn: Soul Cycle and SLT
Lily: Hot yoga
Will: Strength and conditioning training
Kim: Works out with personal trainer
Mary: Same as when in pandemic — Walks!

Favorite pandemic food:
Il Pastaficio and Mediterraneo
Lots of new recipes at home!
Gofer’s mint chocolate ice cream bites!
Banana bread

What’s been your favorite part about being at home all the time?
We never thought we’d all be together for an extended period of time under one roof again, so this has been cherished time. We’ve love our time cooking together, movies, games, gardening. Our three dogs are crazy happy to have all the kids here. We know how fortunate we have been and are committed to helping those so devastatingly impacted by COVID 19.

What are your plans for when it’s over?
Less zooming. More time with friends and loved ones.

Favorite movies, books, podcasts during this time:
Mary: The Splendid and the Vile — Eric Larson
Kim: Normandy 1944 — Powell
Home movies

What’s the “New Normal” for your family?
Sleeping in … a lot
Zooming in six different rooms