By Amy Lewis

“When I look good, I feel good, and when I feel good, I workout better.” Holly Rilinger

It’s truly amazing in just a couple of months how top fitness instructors have completely reinvented training at home, thanks to the internet. One person who has swiftly implemented the “virtual studio” is top fitness trainer, Holly Rilinger. She is the bestselling author of “LIFTED,” Nike Master Trainer, Redbull Athlete, Flywheel Instructor, and Bravo’s “Workout New York” star. Her program and virtual studio, LIFTED, covers all wellness areas, i.e., movement, meditation, nutrition, rest, and recovery. If her impressive bio alone doesn’t do it for you, visit her website, You will see that she has the physical presence of a tried and true athlete and coach.

I had the opportunity to experience the workout, LIFTED, through a couple of her live classes. Depending on the week’s day, you will alternate between Holly’s HIIT classes, pilates, and yoga. If you want to achieve specific fitness goals, it’s best to commit to the schedule every day. Holly coaches with a purpose to create a balance of proper rest, recovery, cardio, and strength training. I like the live element because you still have that sense of training with a team. I chose to do pilates and a HIIT ride class. The class itself is just like a zoom call. Holly or one of her instructors can interact with you and correct any of your movements. In her cycling class, not unlike being there in person, she makes you feel like you are part of her team, referring to you by name and pushing a little more with each song. Depending on your membership, you will have opportunities to connect and meet other LIFTED trainees through her events and Facebook and Whatsapp group chats. Her program and inspiration cover all essential therapies needed to stay mentally strong and healthy via a tight-knit community, variety in exercise, meditation, nutrition, rest, and recovery. Eventually, her training will have an on-demand option affording you the ability to train with her any time of the day.

In addition to Holly’s virtual studio, she runs seasonal outdoor training in NYC and hosts her LIFTED Adventure Camps. Her next will be in the Dominican Republic. It will be about wellness and also has a charitable component.

Holly represents what an authentic fitness coach should be in today’s health and wellness era. She lifts you in spirit and strength, both mentally and physically. She certainly will inspire her team to be “LIFTED”, and who wouldn’t need that during these times. I hate to say it, but winter is coming, and there is no time like the present to try new workouts that will keep you at home while staying sane and, more importantly… healthy.