By Amanda Feldman Jay

When it comes to wellness, there are few things I am unwilling to try. You name it, I have likely experienced it. Dry brushing, cold showers, salt therapy, acupuncture, CBD supplements…you get my gist. In fact, the more “woo-woo,” the better. But when I heard about hypnosis as a form of alternative therapy, my immediate thought was “no way.”

As a recovering perfectionist and control freak, there is something unsettling to me about the prospect of being put into a trance and losing agency over my own mind. Despite this, I had to admit I was intrigued by the mystery of it, so I went to see Nicole Hernandez, The Traveling Hypnotist. Nicole is a clinical hypnotist, wellness educator, and Resident Healer at the Four Seasons New York Downtown. What I experienced during my session was quite the opposite of the strange, dramatic spell I kept envisioning in my mind and through my hypnosis journey. I found a deep sense of peace and tranquility.

I don’t know about you, but I always feel instant relief when I walk into a spa, so the gorgeous Spa at the Four Seasons New York Downtown offered a perfect setting for me to ease into the unknown. Nicole’s calm demeanor and approachability also helped me relax into the session and it was reassuring to learn that she herself was quite skeptical about hypnosis before seeking it out as a method to treat her own anxiety before becoming a certified practitioner. We began with a brief consultation so she could get to know a bit about me, my history, and my anxiety triggers to best tailor the session to my needs. Then we dove into what she calls The Time Traveler, a soulful past life regression journey using hypnosis techniques to mindfully explore and reflect on your current lifetime as well as your past and future lives. 

If this sounds too “woo-woo” for you, perhaps take a moment to think about what the absolute worst outcome would be if you simply allow yourself to open your mind to the possibility of being able to explore these stages. Whether or not you believe in the ability to tap into your past or future lives, what I can almost certainly guarantee is that letting your mind go there will absolutely take it off your ever-running to-do list and current stressors. You may even be able to tune into your subconscious thoughts and bring some helpful wisdom to the surface and into your life. So, what does it feel like exactly to lean into it and let Nicole work her magic (pun intended)? The best way to describe it is akin to being in a beautifully meditative state where the mind, body, and breath feel relaxed and aligned.

Throughout the session, Nicole took notes to record my thoughts, interesting patterns, and other things that came up and then at the end of my journey inward, we debriefed together. She even took one of my reflections that I pulled from my own subconscious state and wrote it on a notecard for me to take home and use as a helpful reminder for whenever I need it. In addition to a personal message, each client also receives their own crystal as a parting gift to remind them that they have so many answers within themselves, and sometimes, when we stop to experience time.