“A story with many chapters” is how Malcolm Moran describes his life.   Moran has had many influences. He has lived internationally and worked in business.  His anchor is his boats, the Irish fishing currachs that he has been painting consistently over the last 8 years.  They represent “tenacity, determination and sacrifice” that his family (ancestors) endured in their struggles to survive.  Moran gets a thrill out of the “joy of the struggle.”  The Irish boats are what he focuses on in his beautiful oil paintings, monotypes and collages currently on display at the Barn @ Downing Yudain.  Malcolm speaks with gallerist Lily Downing in a video interview about his life and his work.  (See below.)




The Barn @ Downing Yudain

357 Old Long Ridge Road

Stamford, CT

By appointment:  info@art357.com