By Sara Alter
Photograph by ChiChi Ubiña

If you asked most mothers where their focus has been over the last month, my guess is that you would hear a resounding, “BACK TO SCHOOL.” AmIRight? For so many women, this transitional time of year comes with the age-old struggle of figuring out the best way to “do it all.” As a mom entrepreneur, it’s even more challenging to find not just the time, but the energy, to run a growing business with all the social, emotional and physical demands that enable your family to adjust and thrive during the back-to-school season.

Today I’m sharing my 3 best tips to manage your business during the extra busy times in your life – whenever they may be.



I was listening to the “The World’s First Podcast” with Rabbi Steve Leder, where he joins hosts Erin and Sara Foster for a conversation that included an honest look at the realities and sacrifices of work/life balance. During the enlightening conversation he touches on his role as a rabbi and how, at times, it took him away from his family more than he would have liked. He goes on to say that when balancing his family and his career, he looked at himself like an acupuncturist.

In acupuncture, to treat any type of painful condition, you must first identify the precise location of the pain and then place needles where they will have the greatest systemic effect.

With limited time, Rabbi Leder tried to be mindful and deliberate about where he placed his “needles.” As a result, he engaged in moments that had a long-lasting effect on his kids’ lives, like meaningful family vacations and customary Friday night dinners.

In relation to business, I love the idea of metaphorically placing needles where they will have the greatest effect, especially when time is limited. As an example, for the last month I scaled back on social media, and instead put my needles in networking and 1:1 client work which, for me, was a more valuable use of my time. It allowed me to be more present and available for my family while still maintaining connection and growth where I wanted it most.


When I was in my 20’s, I was getting my hair blown out after a trim in New York City. With little access to the products, treatment, and tools we have today, I was in awe of how much better my hair looked, and how much faster it dried, when it was professionally done. I asked the stylist why hair only looks this good after leaving a salon and he said, “because we make every stroke count”.

I delved a little a deeper. He went on to explain that even if a client uses the same products and tools, at home they get distracted, the air isn’t always hitting their brush when they think it is, each piece isn’t fully dry before moving on to the next, and they lose patience. All these years later, the concept stuck.

Work with intention. If you’re distracted, your business simply won’t look or feel as good. When you have the time to work, put your phone on silent, focus only on what’s in front of you, and make every “stroke” count.

And while we’re on the topic of hair, we can all learn a thing or two from a stay-at-home mom turned mogul about the success that comes from a good blow-out!


As a mom entrepreneur, realistically, you can’t always live in the moment. Sometimes you have to live for nap time, the first full week of school, or a season in life when you have the time and space to properly execute all the business plans you’re ready to bring to life.

When I don’t have the capacity to take on more client work in a focused and present way, I don’t stop taking on clients, I just push back my plans. Instead of an immediate onboarding, I will schedule a date a few weeks out. Instead of working with media in my busy season, I’ll plan a press push in the new year. You don’t need to quit, you don’t even need to pause – you can simply push it back.

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Sara is the Founder and Head Business Coach at MOMENT Consulting. Moment provides business, marketing, and social media support to mom entrepreneurs creating, scaling, and re-branding small businesses.

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