By Jeanine Behr Getz


REimagine and REpurpose your Merry Merry Happy Happy holiday gift giving. As the holiday season is amongst us so is the torment, for many, between being named, best gift giver ever or biggest landfill fill contributor. 

Globally, the fashion industry is the second most polluting industry, after the oil and gas sector. It’s water & energy consumption, waste water pollution, use of toxic dyes and fabric treatments and landfill contributions all are contributors to the industry’s ranking. 

Here are just three companies changing the “purchase to landfill” landscape. A gift from this list will delight your fashion-conscious gift receiver and make you feel good BUT it comes with an unlikely provenance: a previous owner. 

Items from ReCrafted are repurposed from reclaimed, postconsumer Patagonia® garments that were destined for the landfill. Each item is panel-constructed to minimize fabric waste and crafted by joining tonally similar pieces for a unique aesthetic. 

Iconic. Responsible. Individual. ReDone has diverted hundreds of thousands of garments from landfills from its start. It creates one-of-a-kind vintage creations from heritage brands.

ReFashion is a mission for CT based sustainable fashion company, Codo, specializing in the resale of high-end designer items and refashioning of vintage designer pieces. They offer an eco-friendly and affordable path to high quality fashion, giving us an opportunity to save on authentic new and pre-owned designer handbags, clothing and accessories. 

Pure luxury, one of a kind amazing fashion creation, part of the emerging circular economy, every gift from these companies will deem you an eco-warrior fashionista and best gift giver ever! Remember every purchase matters.

For those “crafty readers,” experiment at home. 

5 easy steps for reimagining an old pair of sneakers.

  1. Design your new look on paper or your computer
  2. Take out the laces
  3. Depending on how dirty, either wipe down the areas to paint with acetone & a cotton ball (For dirtier sneakers start with a scrub down with soap and water & a nail brush, then apply acetone.)
  4. Tape off the areas you don’t want painted
  5. Start painting your design with leather paints (Angelus paints seem to be the crowd favorite)

Hint: check out YouTube for videos.

Happy Holidays!