2016-10-26-lewis-amy62186-as-smart-object-1-copyPhotography by CHICHI UBIÑA


2016-10-26-lewis-amy62916-as-smart-object-1-copyAmy Lewis doesn’t just wear clothes, she rocks them. Eighteen months ago this 41-year old mother of three – ages 15, 11 and 8 – set out on a mission to transform her body and, as anyone can see, the results are jaw-dropping. So much so that she has developed a fitness following within Greenwich. Now, it’s not that this former kickboxing instructor, marathon runner ever looked bad, but as she turned the milestone 40, she was beginning to feel like her fitness routine just wasn’t cutting it for her. That’s right, Amy wanted more definition. As she toned, tightened and developed muscle, people began to notice and to borrow that famous line from Harry Met Sally, they said: I want what she’s having.
Everyone wants to know “What is Amy doing? Amy found her trifecta in weights, cardio, and nutrition. She does heavy weight training under Liz DeLuca at Equinox and gets her cardio boost through Elle at Soul Cycle. “I’m never too tired or sick to go to class. I find really strong instructors and follow them loyally. My instructors are muscular women who inspire me.”

To get these kind of results takes consistency.  Amy works out six times a week for at least 2 hours each day.  “My cardio is better now than when I was in high school where I was a tri-sport athlete,” she says. Amy is often out of the house to exercise before her kids wake up and then returns to the gym after sending them off to school.  When she can’t get to the gym, she ergs in her house for 20 minutes.  Amy also keeps upping the intensity. “I started with 12-pound weights, moved up to 15 and now I’m at 20 pounds.”

To fuel her routine, Amy has become a pescatarian. “Seventy percent of my diet is protein. With weight training, it’s important to have protein so that I don’t strip away muscle.” Amy will have two eggs before she works out and a protein bar or fish 20 minutes after. One thing that’s not going away: wine. “I just won’t give that up!” she says.

Like the weight loss and fitness commercials that flood the airwaves this time of the year, Amy’s regimen also comes with a disclaimer. “Every body is different. This is what works for me and I’ve tried everything.” For Amy “fitness is like a job. I can’t wait to see how far I can take this.”

How far is far? Amy is being encouraged to become a fitness model and enter fitness competitions. As she says, “It’s not too late to change your body after 40.” Clearly!