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Photography by CHICHI UBIÑA



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“They found me,” says Nikki. “because I do it soup-to-nuts.” And so an expanding brand was born: Nikki Glekas Events (NGE).


At Chelsea Piers, Nikki oversees a deli-style café, juice bar, a family style bar & grill, and three event areas: the roof-top terrace, the super cool The Loft which is booked every weekend with Bar Mitzvahs etc., and the 2,000-person capacity field house for corporate events. And don’t forget the summer camp for which Nikki Glekas Events prepares lunch for 500 boisterous campers each day.


As if three major locations weren’t enough, Nikki also continues to cater home events. The backyard wedding, the baby shower, the 30-person sit down dinner. But she’s not alone in this ambitious endeavor. Nikki Glekas Events is a family affair. Her husband manages the All Star Bar & Grill at CP, while her mother-in-law — the original chef at EOS — continues to helm the restaurant’s kitchen.  



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Nikki’s team also includes a food & beverage director, a trio of event coordinators, and an impressive crew of chefs, kitchen staff and servers. “I think the secret to our success is delivering restaurant quality food, food where people can feel the love. Ours is definitely not catering style food. Every party should be creative no matter the price point,” she notes.


Nikki’s experience as a nightclub manager in New York City was good preparation for the demanding and hectic pace of NGE. With the Chelsea Piers properties approaching their 1-year anniversary, she is taking a moment to catch her breath. “So many new proposals have come my way. I want to focus on my brand and figure out what’s best to do next. One goal is to expand into surrounding communities. I love creating a wow factor!”




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