2019 Couture Dossier Fashion Show

Greenwich, CTOctober 19, 2019


Welcome to CODO’s annual fashion show. This year’s collection, ‘Winter is Coming’, is a symbolic representation of what is coming, and what we are doing to stop it. We believe that fashion consumers should make the sustainable fashion choice and reduce their consumption and dependence on fast-fashion polluters.

That is why we wanted to show you a beautiful and meaningful alternative to fast fashion. The pieces featured in this collection are refashioned from existing vintage garments and are accented by the finest preexisting materials. We brought back to life these garments that would otherwise have ended up in landfills or in our oceans. Each look included authenticated, pre-loved designer handbags, so no additional carbon footprint was made. These pieces, and many others like them, can be found at www.codogirl.com.

We wanted to demonstrate the new definition of “brand new”, and that you can look amazing and powerful without further harming our environment and using our planet’s resources. With this collection, we are breaking the chains that fast-fashion has put us in. This year, we say ‘Dracarys’ to fast fashion!

Watch CODO’s ‘Winter is Coming’ Collection Fashion Show Below


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