A FINE LINE: Works by Fereshteh Priou

Greenwich, CTMarch 9, 2017


A Fine Line is a powerful one-person show by Iranian born artist Fereshteh Priou.  These beautifully rendered acrylic and mixed media works indeed tread a “fine line” between painting and drawing, figuration and abstraction.  Here, form seems to emerge slowly from a depth of color saturated layers, arising to the surface to assert itself with a dream-like quality. There is a reverie sensibility about the images, which imply an almost Proustian “memory of things past reference causing the viewer to genuine engage with these paintings.

Precise meaning is open-ended in Priou’s world, and she quite deliberately encourages viewers to invent their own narratives to interpret the elusive figures that she presents.  While abstract they are at the same time quite real for all their simplicity in search of a concept of beauty where indeed “less is more”.


Greenwich Arts Council

299 Greenwich, Second Floor

Greenwich, CT 06830


Gallery Hours:

Tues-Fri 10-4

Sat-Sun  Noon-4


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