Collaboration Capital at Tesla

Greenwich, CTNovember 29, 2016

CT Sustainable Business Council Brings Safer Chemistry to Greenwich

Traditional investment advisory practice shifting to investments prioritizing health and wellness

American Sustainable Business Council (ASBC), Anne Robertson, Collaboration Capital, Safer Made,and the Connecticut Sustainable Business Council(CTSBC) hosted a forum dedicated to investing in safer chemistry Tuesday, November 29 at the Tesla Showroom in Greenwich. 

The growing recognition by the public of the links between health and safer chemicals and products iscatalyzing business innovation and advancing opportunities to invest in a safer, healthier and ultimately more profitable economy. This trend is in line with CTSBC mission to educate and engage and cross sector business community in building a sustainable economy in Connecticut.

ASBC, Robertson, Safer Made, CT Sustainable Business Council and Collaboration Capital’s commitment to safer chemistry and market driven solutions addressing global challenges is the basis for these and other forums across the country.  Safer chemistry is finding its way into national and global brands.  

ASBC founder and CEO David Levine, longtime environmental and children’s health advocate Anne Robertson, and Collaboration Capital CEO Chris Knapp have organized an ongoing series of discussions across the US around safer chemistryopportunities, with Safer Made’s Adrian Horotan as lead presenter.


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