Greenwich Library Luncheon: Worth Noting with Tatiana Schlossberg

Greenwich, CTOctober 2, 2019

Tatiana Schlossberg, president John F. Kennedy’s granddaughter and a former New York Times science writer, inspired a full house at Greenwich Library’s Worth Noting luncheon on October 2nd at the Belle Haven Club. Discussing her new book titled Inconspicuous Consumption, Tatiana detailed how the internet, technology, food, fashion and fuel impact the environment. Tatiana explained for example, how the high demand for cashmere causes desertification in grasslands — more goats for cashmere also means more goats eating grass — and the ways eating red meat in New York City can lead to pollution in the Gulf of Mexico. “If we have any hope of solving climate change, we all have to do it together,” said Tatiana.

Worth Noting is Greenwich Library’s signature fundraising event series, offering programs that are unique and engaging, and exemplify the institution’s mission to promote the joy of lifelong learning and discovery.

The funds raised through Worth Noting support the Library’s outstanding programs and services enjoyed by the entire community.


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