Nichols MD of Greenwich SkinCeuticals Launch Party

Greenwich, CTMarch 1, 2017

NicholsMD of Greenwich, a Boutique dermatology office in Greenwich, CT was named an Advanced Clinical Spa by SkinCeuticals, an award only 20 dermatology offices across the nation are awarded. This integrated skincare program highlights overall skin health and provides NicholsMD clients with the gold-standard experience, achieving SkinCeuticals’ goal to create optimal client experiences and results.

Dr. Kim Nichols, founding director of NicholsMD, board-certified dermatologist, and cosmetic surgeon, is renowned in the industry for her personalized approach to skincare and dedication to improving the overall health of her clients’ skin and self-confidence, in addition to achieving exceptional results through non-surgical, cosmetic procedures such as peels, lasers and injectables. A Medical Council Member of The Skin Cancer Foundation, Dr. Nichols is an advocate of healthy skin and offers a full skin examination upon request during client consultations to detect for signs of sun damage and skin cancer, a mission that perfectly aligns with SkinCeuticals’s dedication to raise awareness of skin health at any age.

Dr. Nichols says, “We are so excited to announce our partnership with SkinCeuticals and the opening of our Advanced Clinical Spa. This new partnership allows us the unique opportunity to create a seamless synergy between all of the techniques, procedures, and treatments we use in-office with scientifically-backed skincare regimens for our clients to use at home. It is through the combination of SkinCeuticals skincare with those procedures that we see superior results and the best client outcomes. So, thank you to all of our community members, friends, and clients who came to celebrate with us at the Launch Party!”

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