The Organizer…

SlackYou’re always on time for work, your co-workers adore you, and your honey colored highlights are never out of place. You even match your nail polish to your Chloe purse! Here are the perfect apps to take your organizing skills to the next level.

  • Dropbox. Access all of your photos, videos and dossiers from anywhere at any time. And if you’re worried you’ll lose your information when iPhone suddenly drops in a toilet at Sundown Saloon, not a problem, it’s already stored!
  • 1Password is the absolute perfect application to store all your passwords for your social media websites and more. You’ll never have to hit the “Forget your password” button again!
  • Slack. You’re about to walk onto the plane when you remember you need to tell something urgent to your work team. Slack is like an ongoing online conversation meeting separated by subject, so you can pick and choose exactly what you want to say.



The Shopaholic…

TradesyPrada, Fendi, Gucci, Louie…your eyes are filled with dollar signs. You just love to shop! You can never say no, and that’s a big problem for your therapist…Here are the best apps to fill your closet with yummy goodies, and we’re not talking about Aux Delice.

  • Tradsey and The Real Real are great apps for picking up already authenticated handbags, shoes, and blouses from top designer labels.
  • Ebay. Unlike the Tradsey and The Real Real, you have to really make certain your designer goodies are actually designer. (With a little help from authenticity websites, it shouldn’t be a problem.) Nevertheless, Ebay is classic.



The Traveler…

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.35.11 AMThe only way your friends can see you is when they check your Instagram! You are the definition of a jet setter, foodie, explorer… Here are the best apps for your endless adventures.

  • VSCO is the best app for editing your photos as well as the perfect platform on which to show them.
  • AirBnB. You’ve just touched down in London town, and every five-star hotel is booked. Luckily, you’ve got AirBnB to help you stay in beautiful apartments so you can get the perfect homey experience no matter where you are.
  • Yelp is the perfect place to check and see if that good restaurant in the Marais is actually If it isn’t, writing a scathing review is perfect!



The Party Girl…

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.36.15 AMYour inbox is constantly filled with party invitations. You’re always exuding confidence and class, your fans are dying for your attention, and you’re always the best dressed. Here are the best apps to take you from that hot VIP party to music festivals all over America.

  • Uber. When midtown is blocked and there isn’t a yellow cab in miles, call an Uber and show up in style just in time for that cocktail party Uptown.
  • FourSquare. Check in at any restaurant, shop, or bar in any city all over the world and see cool tips and hints from local experts. (Also, the more points you get, the more hints you can access!)
  • Vamos. Collecting information from your Facebook, it details the events you’ve been invited to, and which of your hot friends are going as well! If you’re late (which might be a possibility) you can browse Instagram photos via the app to see who’s wearing what!



Mommy CEO…

Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.39.37 AMMake no mistake… it’s you Mommy, that’s running the show! From getting the kids up, to being first in car-pool, decorating the house, paying the bills, to finishing art assignments just to make it in time for Go Figure…Here are the best apps to get you from point A to B around town.

  • Intuition is your own digital assistant. (Goodbye Siri!) The coolest feature is that it uses your own GPS to authomically organize and map your errands! Truly your best friend.
  • Cozi. With the unlimited power of this app you can create shopping lists and track everyone’s appointments and afterschool classes all in one place. Not only that, you can track it from any mobile device or desktop.
  • HomeRoutines is the best app to manage all of the chores. When the pencil and pad seems too far away, type it all in and it sorts it for you!



The Recent Divorcée…Screen Shot 2017-03-01 at 11.40.48 AM

You’ve kept the ring, and he’s never getting it back. You’ve done your fair share of crying and countless trips to Gophers ice cream, but with these apps, you’ll be back on the dating circuit in no time.     

  • Bumble is an excellent alternative to Tinder, where once two people of opposite genders match up. The woman must send a message first, and within 24 hours before the connection disappears.
  • Raya is an exclusive dating app, so exclusive you have to be sent a private invitation by an existing member. Raya is unique to entertainment and creative insiders only … so here’s to hoping you match up with Liam Hemsworth!
  • is a classic dating app. Unlike Tinder, it’s got even better privacy settings. Whether you’re looking for a casual night of drinking and fun, or a long-term relationship, you’ll be able to find both options on Match.