Vegan Chocolate Peanut Butter Fudge
“You will eat every piece”
Impact: Homemade, Vegan

Gift Guidance 2020

By Jeanine Behr Getz

Readers have been asking for gift giving guidance during these unprecedented times, personally I have been torn over writing about holiday “shopping” at all.

There are multiple articles and social media posts opposed to Black Friday shopping and “American” over consumption, aptly referencing them as sources of environmental pollution both in the production and in the disposing of goods. It can be confusing, because in those same articles and posts they promote “shopping local.”

Here is my resolution and my plea to you: support your local charities, first responders, restaurants and businesses the best way you are comfortably able to.

If you are not making gifts, perhaps curate the number of gifts you are giving and look for products that give back to causes you believe in. Purchase from companies that are trying hard to reduce their packaging, promote fair trade, use responsible materials, have trade in and repair programs, do not use harmful chemicals, etc.…you get where I am going, purchase with purpose.

Here is a small selection of ideas with purpose:


The Power of Crystals
“I need all the good energy I can get”
Impact: Responsible materials, artisan


Local Town Mask
“Mask up for your Town”
Impact: Local giveback


Sierra Club, Inspire Wonder for Kids
“The pet your children always wanted”
Impact: Giveback, responsible materials


Topo Dopp Kit
“For the wanderlust”
Impact: Give back, repair


Iron fish
“More iron, less hair loss”
Impact: Wellness, giveback


Conscious Step Stocks
“A step in the right direction”
Impact: Giveback, responsible materials


Flower Power
“Year round handmade flowers”
Impact: Giveback


US Corona Family Emergency Kit
“Homeschooling supplies, for those in need”
Impact: Humanitarian


“With your wine and cheese”
Impact: Homemade

Still haven’t found what you are looking for?

Here are three of my favorite “recommerce*” sites:

Auction Ninja

This is the year to appreciate everything you have and perhaps not to get everything you want. If you have the chance to make someone happy, just do it.

Be kind to each other and the planet.

Happy Holidays!

In case you were wondering:
*recommerce means the selling of previously owned products through online distribution channels.


Hamama Greens
“Super greens, you’re worth it”
Impact: Wellness