Speak Up, Connect and Thrive

Photography by ChiChi Ubiña

Demetra Ganias, a public speaking coach and Cristina Young, a parent educator and licensed clinical social worker (LCSW) have launched their podcast, “Get Louder.” They are helping women build a bridge between where they are and where they want to be, in all relationships that matter. “Get Louder” is about uplifting women and empowering them to create deeper connections with their colleagues, partners, friends and children.

With all the deep thinking, multi-tasking and much responsibility that women take on, there is a delicate balancing act that they live on a day-to-day basis, especially during a pandemic. Women can experience moments of weakness or self-doubt. “The Get Louder” podcast is a resource for normalizing the crazy, calming the overwhelmed and creating a game plan for getting grounded. The conversation is upbeat and full of solid ideas.

Cristina and Demetra, each a mother of three, are helping their listeners juggle career and motherhood. “’Get Louder’ offers our listeners concrete steps to propel them toward feeling fulfilled. We offer a Louder Library during each cast, which is a collection of resources for problem solving,” says Demetra. Cristina adds, “Our combined experience as mothers and professionals provides listeners with the foundation for taking the next step. In every episode, you will want to grab a pen and write down a mantra or strategy.”

The two personalities truly complement each other. Cristina has older children, a daughter in college and son and daughter in high school and Demetra’s two sons and daughter range from age two to eight. Topics discussed, range from “New Expectations for Post-Quarantine Partnerships” to “We’re All Just Wired Differently” to “Reflections on a Covid Diagnosis.” They have begun inviting guests to the podcast.

Together, these two can tackle it all!

To hear their podcasts, visit their website – getlouderpodcast.libsyn.com