2017-2-8 Smith, Scott_Triptych


Tell us about yourself and your family.  Where did you grow up/go to school? 

I was born in Washington DC, then lived in Devon, PA until at age 11 my family moved to Greenwich, CT.  I spent 3 years at Brunswick before leaving for boarding school – The St. George’s School – in 1983.  After St George’s I look a circuitous route through college that took me through the University of Miami (FL), Fairfield University, and ultimately Columbia in NY. 

My wife, Michele, and I met on our first jobs when we both worked for AIG in New York and we have been together for 23 years (our 20th wedding anniversary will be in April of 2017).

We have two boys, Cameron, 16 who is a sophomore at the Peddie School in New Jersey and Connor, 13 who is in the 7th grade at The Greenwich Country Day School.

We have two dogs, Scout (a 9-year-old broken coat Jack Russell) and Badger (a 1 ½ year old rescue mutt).


What led you to getting a Galaxy phone?

I bought my first Samsung phone, a Galaxy S5, based on the phone’s unique style and highly rated performance.  I needed a very robust device for work, and I wanted my work device to be separate from the iPhone universe used by the rest of my family.  I currently have a Samsung Galaxy S6+, which I bought for the even better performance, larger screen, and unique design.  This phone allowed me to give up my iPad and do everything I need for work on my personal device (including reading and watching video) without the need for a second larger device.

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What role does your Galaxy play at work?

I use the Good app and the Bloomberg app to stay in touch with clients wherever and whenever.  I have breaking news alerts and stock alerts as well so that I am never out of touch.  In addition, I use a variety of news apps to keep up on news events. 


What are your 3 favorite features of your Galaxy?

I LOVE the curved screen edges and the edge app. When I put the phone down on my nightstand at night a small clock displays on the edge, meaning that with a very quick glance and without having to turn the phone on, I am able to see the time and any critical alerts as well.

The screen on the phone is so bright and clear that people occasionally stop me to compliment me on it.  It makes movie viewing and also news site and e-book reading very nice.

The size of the device is a perfect balance – big enough for me to use it for everything but small enough that it fits in a suit pocket easily.


What are your top 3 favorite apps?

There are so many…  GOOD is critical for work, as is the Bloomberg app for both news and communication.  I use the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times and the Daily Mail apps every day for news.  In the summer, in particular, I use the WeatherUndergound app for weather forecasting.  I also love the Amazon Prime Video app as well as the Kindle App, which is used for video and books, respectively.  When travelling, the various airline apps are simply must have’s, and of course you HAVE to have Uber.


If you could design an app for the future, what would you make?

I would build “the car” app.  This would be an app that would automatically link your phone’s app to “dummy” screens in your car so that you could always use your most recently updated navigation and communication apps rather than being stuck with the navigation and other apps built into your car (or your driverless, shared car in the future).


What do you think is the best invention (so far) in your lifetime?

Unquestionably that is the internet.  I remember being introduced to the web with a program called Mosaic, and the amount of progress since then, in terms of communication, information, and efficiency, has been breathtaking.