Photography By CHICHI UBIÑA

The Collective and Fairfield County LOOK present the curators at The Collective.  The Collective is a group of exceptional dealers of both vintage and antique finds.  Visit their 13,000 sq.ft space located at 50 John Street in the antiques district of Stamford, CT.  Just south of I-95.


Name:  Andrea Wilson

Where are you from?  Where did you grow up?  I grew up in Albuquerque, NM and went to school in Arizona (and have the turquoise jewelry collection to prove it.)

Describe your personal style:  South beach meets vintage boho.  My style is colorful, fresh and feminine. 

When did you start collecting?  My mom used to take me to antique auctions as a kid, so when my friends were collecting Beanie Babies and Barbies I had an amazing collection of antique bamboo side tables.

What might we find at your booth in The Collective?  Natural jute wall hangings, vintage brass lamps, live edge wood and intricate wicker and bamboo.

Have your life experiences affected how and what you collect?  I think decor should be always fun, and either reflect who you are or who you want to be.  Collecting is an opportunity to embrace my whimsical, funky side that gets pushed aside in my realistic day to day life.

If you won the lottery, how would you go about enhancing your collection?  I’d buy and renovate an old airstream trailer, and travel the country hunting down wicker peacock chairs and feeding my addiction to beautiful midcentury brass.

What are the pros and cons in your business that people don’t realize?  Collecting is really personal to me, I won’t buy anything unless I absolutely love it.  So, I’m still trying to not to get emotionally attached to pieces before I sell them. But nothing beats the feeling of when a customer loves something as much as I do. 

Name a character in fiction or reality who would feel most at home with your personal style/collection? (And why?)  If Malibu Barbie is ever looking to redecorate her Dreamhouse I hope she looks me up.  Her and I both embrace the power of pink accents, plush upholstery, and tropical plants.