2018-1-8 The Collective7959 Deb & Bryan Dietz
Photography By CHICHI UBIÑA

The Collective and Fairfield County LOOK present the curators at The Collective.  The Collective is a group of exceptional dealers of both vintage and antique finds.  Visit their 13,000 sq.ft space located at 50 John Street in the antiques district of Stamford, CT.  Just south of I-95.


2018-1-8 The Collective8000 Deb Dietz

Name:  Deb & Bryan Dietz

Company Name:  Million Miles Photography 

Where are you from?  Where did you grow up?  We both grew up in Stamford and graduated the same year from high school but didn’t meet until after college.

Describe your personal style:   The style of Bryan’s photos is more about composition than anything else.  He enjoys creating a piece that allows your eyes to move along with the action or immerses you into the landscape.  Bryan prefers the modern aesthetic.  Deb’s style is a mix of modern, traditional, and organic.  She loves anything that ties in the beauty of nature with their home.

When did you start collecting?  Bryan has always been a collector, whether it be comic books as a kid or as the avid watch collector that he is now.  Deb, with her mother and grandparents, started appreciating and collecting antiques and artwork at a young age.  Now, wherever she travels, a piece will always come back home with her, even if it’s a shell only found in that part of the world!

What might we find at your booth in The Collective?  Our booth is set up as a gallery space to view our photography collections.  Currently, we have The Safari Collection and The Chilean Collection to view.  Each piece is either backed on Acrylic or mounted on Aluminum Metal and can be made in a broad range of sizes to suit your home. 

2018-1-8 The Collective8045 Bryan Dietz

Have your life experiences affected how and what you collect?  Art and design have always been an interest to Bryan.  He studied advertising and design in college and spent several years working in the advertising industry.  He was always interested in photography, and his travel experiences just deepened his passion for it.  Deb has always had a deep passion for travel, and even as a child, Africa was always her biggest dream.  Her passion of new experiences, distant lands, and foreign people really began when she and Bryan started traveling together.  After seeing first hand the reality of what both people and wild animals are put through on a daily basis, it just deepened Deb’s passion for conservation and philanthropy.  That is why a percentage of each sale is given to The Samburu Project, which builds wells in Kenya, and also The International Anti Poaching Foundation to save Rhino’s and Elephants in South Africa.  Our travels to Chile and Easter Island was a childhood dream come true for Bryan, being able to see the mystical and breathtaking Moai statues.  Photos from Easter Island and Patagonia are on display in our showroom now. 

If you won the lottery, how would you go about enhancing your collection?  If we won the lottery, we would enhance our business by doing what we love to do more and more; travel to experience the beauty this planet has to offer and contribute to its preservation as much as possible.  

What are the pros and cons in your business that people don’t realize?  A definite con in our business is separating our travel experiences with the finished piece.  An amazing event can not always translate to one photo, and we have to come to terms with that.  Of course, the pro of our business is that we get to travel to extraordinary places around the globe!

Name a character in fiction or reality who would feel most at home with your personal style/collection? (And why?)  For Bryan, Ernest Hemingway would be ideal because of his love of Safari, adventure, and his style for portraying it.  The African Collection would be a perfect fit for his tent on Safari.  For Deb, Karen Blixen is her choice.  Karen lived her adult life in Africa, where she experienced her love of the people, land, safari, and animals with all of her being.  She would have loved the photographs in her plantation or in her safari tent.  She was an adventurer at heart, known for saying “You know you are truly alive when you are living among lions.”