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Photography By CHICHI UBIÑA

The Collective and Fairfield County LOOK present the curators at The Collective.  The Collective is a group of exceptional dealers of both vintage and antique finds.  Visit their 13,000 sq.ft space located at 50 John Street in the antiques district of Stamford, CT.  Just south of I-95.


Name:  Susan Weatherley  2018-1-8 The Collective8228

Company Name:  Summer Bloom  

Where are you from?  Where did you grow up?  I’m from Ct but grew up in Maryland and NJ.  

Describe your personal style:  I prefer clean lines with comfort in mind. I likes rooms that feel functional and relaxed where you can enjoy touching things and putting your feet up. I also think its important to have a collection of something whether its small or large that brings warmth and interest to a room along with artwork to enhance wall spaces.  

When did you start collecting?  I started collecting in the early 60’s.  

What might we find at your booth in The Collective?  My booth is a collection of vintage, country, midcentury, artwork and architectural artifacts.  

Have your life experiences affected how and what you collect?  Growing up I was fortunate enough to have parents and grandparents who also enjoyed collecting antiques and in my teens I took an art history course which was invaluable to my observations in nature, gardening and my personal decorative style. I was “hooked.” I have taken several classes since inspiring me each time to grow, learn and change my appreciation of antiques.

If you won the lottery, how would you go about enhancing your collection?  That’s a funny question. I think I would continue on the same path of “the hunt” for that special item whether it is one thing or several. I only buy what I like and would have in my own home with the hope that someone else will come along and have that surge of enjoyment that comes from finding what they love!  

What are the pros and cons in your business that people don’t realize?  It’s been my experience that “the hunt” can be challenging in that antiques are harder to find but satisfying when spyed upon. I’m personally out on the road from Maine to PA always looking whether it’s going to auctions or meeting great people in their stores. I have to see and touch the pieces I choose and never buy sight unseen. The travel is a lot but the work is so much fun!  

Name a character in fiction or reality who would feel most at home with your personal style/collection? (And why?)  I think that would be Katherine Hepburn. She was modest in her needs remaining elegant in her personal style. She also loved nature, gardening, the arts and relished adventure.