The Yin & Yang of the Holiday Season: Jody Ewen & Amy Lewis



It’s that time of the year when you pile on the party clothes. Don’t go throwing your work-out gear into the back of the closet!  You’re going to need them too! Best buddies Jody Ewen and Amy Lewis have paired up to represent the push and pull of this festive season. Jody’s an event planner extraordinaire and Amy’s the ultimate fitness enthusiast. Together they show that there’s room for both passions.

For Jody, the more outrageous, creative, and over-the-top a party is, the better. “Everything can be the highest quality, and you can still have a boring party,” says Jody. No obstacle is too big. This is the same gal who moved a baby grand over hill and through dale to be placed between a natural pool and a babbling brook for an outdoor piano recital.


















“The best holiday parties have a WOW factor,” says the owner of eponymous Jody “It needs to wow on every level and appeal to all five senses.” Jody makes cocktails into a happening. Shots swoosh down a carved ice luge. The party “smokes’” with dry ice vapor drinks. Guests whoop it up with cocktail waitresses in champagne hoop skirts. And don’t believe for a second that shot girls and guys are just for the college set. It’s all about the mingle, the jingle, and the ho, ho, ho!

Of course the food is fantastic—Jody grew up in family of chefs. Jody turns small plates into an event with live chef demos. Silky smooth takes on new meaning when a chef is serving up fresh mozzarella burrata. Taco stations make things really spicy. And slurping down freshly shucked oysters—need we say more! Modeling agencies provide the wait staff for deliciously attractive holiday helpers.  Everything and everyone is gorgeous with a capital G.

The music is ultra important and ultra cool. For the ultimate in fun, festive, and fabulous, Jody has DJs turn cocktails into dance parties.  Then there is a signature stop-them-in-their-tracks moment. Guests are awestruck by an uplifting Harlem Choir, a gleeful acapella group, and, yes, even the high kicking Rockettes.

For Jody, there’s always something to do (photo booth anyone?), something to see (gobo projected images and LED orbs), and something new to indulge in. It’s all oh-so-tempting.


















While Jody is the art of the party, Amy is the science of being fit… and fun, with a body that defies being the mom of three, including a high schooler. Amy has a strategy for enjoying holiday parties to the max, without maxing out on calories. Her plan is based on always, always, always sticking to a workout regimen. It keeps the body toned, and remember, when you workout, you can consume more calories! Hydrate throughout the day. Water, water everywhere lets you drink come dance time and it’s also great for preventing a hangover. Also throughout the day: eating. “Never drink on an empty stomach or you’ll end up eating more than you intend to,” says this fitness guru. When she does drink, Amy stays away from sugary cocktails and goes for vodka and soda, tequila, or red wine (which has less sugar and tannins than white). And when she can’t resist Jody’s champagne or specialty cocktail, she passes on dessert.
























After the holiday parties are no more than memories and a stack of selfies, Amy turns to Green & Tonic’s Cleanse “Til Dinner” for a rejuvenating boost. This cleanse with food provides enough energy to maintain an exercise regimen and keeps the body in balance. You’ll still be able to fit into the sleekest outfit—for party or gym—even after Santa’s back up the chimney.


















Let the holiday festivities begin!