Top – Billie Jean King, Lisa Leslie, Bottom – Tina Brown, Paula Polito, Paulina Porizkova, Elaine Welteroth, Dr. Jill Yavorsky

Contributor: Carey Shuffman, Head, UBS Women’s Strategic Client Segment

A fascinating webcast conversation moderated by author and editor, Tina Brown, and hosted by Paula Polito, Divisional Vice Chairwoman for UBS Global Wealth Management. The panel includes women sports icons, Billie Jean King and Lisa Leslie; model, Paulina Porizkova; NY Times bestselling author and Project Runway host, Elaine Welteroth; and sociologist, Dr. Jill Yavorsky.

Women hold a third of the wealth in the world, and that share is growing faster than  ever.1 This gives them tremendous power to live their dreams and change the world. Like you, at UBS we’re looking to grow that potential for women today, women of the next generation, and those that follow.

It is our focus and belief at UBS that as the world’s largest wealth manager,2 we can usher in a new mindset for women to make sure that they are taking a seat at the financial table. This mission is particularly important, because our Own Your Worth research shows that many women are not taking part in major financial decisions today. At UBS, we have an impressive, dedicated team leading the effort to drive meaningful change.

Our goal is to unlock potential with a movement women want to get behind. It started a few years ago when conversations among our leaders recognized not only the continued importance of helping women navigate their financial lives and prepare for their financial futures, but the need to do this in a meaningful, different way. In particular, UBS senior leader Paula Polito, Divisional Vice Chairwoman for UBS Global Wealth Management, saw that there was a tremendous opportunity to achieve greater financial participation among women – and that this is not just an issue affecting women. It is also an issue for any men with women in their lives – and more broadly, an issue for all of us as a society.

We then embarked on groundbreaking research that uncovered the need to motivate women to be more involved in major financial decisions, especially in couples, where they tend to defer. Then, we allocated the resources to create profound change through research, education and, ultimately, the development of our Own Your Worth platform. The platform includes comprehensive intellectual capital, including four Own Your Worth reports with both US and Global insights from the last three years, a Financial Participation website with tips and tools to help women become more involved in these financial decisions, and extensive supporting content, including videos, podcasts, articles, virtual events and more.

Our goal is to encourage women to take their seat at the financial table, while also making that table a more inclusive place for women. Through our efforts, we are reaching thousands of women – and men – on this important topic and encouraging greater financial participation and financial preparedness. This is particularly critical as we navigate the challenging environment of the COVID-19 crisis and the disproportionate impact it’s had on women. In fact, our Own Your Worth 2020 research showed that the pandemic has made a large majority of women want to protect themselves and their families more than ever before4 – and our goal at UBS is to help them do so.

There is still more work to do as we look ahead to 2021 and beyond. UBS continues to drive forward this broader mission to spread the Own Your Worth message, while continuing our steadfast commitment to helping our women clients and their families navigate their financial lives and feel more confident in their financial futures, and providing the tools and resources to support our wonderful Financial Advisors as they serve women in Fairfield County, in Connecticut and across the US. To learn more about UBS’s efforts, visit:

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