May Astrology Forecasts

With the New Moon in steady Taurus, you are drawn to matters of material security and self-worth, especially in the realm of finances and possessions. Mars, your ruling planet, transiting Aries triggers your assertiveness and drive, fueling a desire to take bold actions and assert your independence. It’s a good period to start a new work project.

With the New Moon in Taurus you may feel a deep sense of renewal and connection to your inner desires and values. This lunar event encourages you to set intentions related to self-care, stability, and personal growth. Expansive Jupiter enters your 2nd house of income May 25th for one year bringing you financial growth and opportunities.
The Taurus New Moon in the 12th house signals a time of introspection and spiritual renewal. It also favors developing projects behind the scenes. Jupiter enters Gemini May 25th for one year and will amplify your curiosity, optimism, and communicative skills, paving the way for exciting ventures and connections occurring once every 12 years.

Steady Taurus New Moon in the 11th house brings focus to friendships, group activities, and future aspirations. This favors team work and pursuing your long-range goals. Ambitious Mars transiting in your 4th house energizes your domestic sphere, stirring up motivation to tackle home-related projects and family matters head-on.

The Taurus New Moon in the 10th house highlights career ambitions urging you to plant seeds for long-term success. It’s a potent time to focus on your public image and reputation. Ambitious Mars in your 5th house gives you a surge of energy to pursue your hobbies, romantic interests, or creative projects with enthusiasm and confidence.
The Taurus New Moon in the 9th house marks a time of expansion in your beliefs, encouraging you to seek new perspectives through travel, education, or philosophical exploration. Expansive Jupiter enters your career 10th house on May 25th for one year giving a period of professional advancement and recognition. Favors international travel.
The Taurus New Moon in the 8th house brings attention to shared resources, intimacy, and transformational processes. Your focus will be on your financial responsibilities such as loans, taxes or paying down your debts. With Mars in Aries transiting your 7th house, your relationships will take center stage with a surge of passion and assertiveness.

The Taurus New Moon in the 7th house signals a time of focusing on partnerships, both personal and professional. It encourages you to deepen your connections and seek balance in your relationships. Ambitious Mars will be in your 6th house of work projects and with the Moon, you may be starting a new work partnership or seeking new customers.
Taurus New Moon in the 6th house highlights themes of health, work, and daily routines. Expansive Jupiter enters your 7th house on May 25th for one year as partnerships become a major focus, bringing blessings and growth in your relationships, both romantic and professional. You could be expanding your customer base.
The Taurus New Moon in the 5th house emphasizes creativity, romance, and self-expression, urging you to explore your passions and embrace joy in your life. Ideal for entertaining and vacations. Ambitious Mars in your 4th house energizes your domestic sphere, motivating you to take action on home-related projects or family matters.

The Taurus New Moon in the 4th house directs your attention towards your home, family, and inner emotional landscape, encouraging you to find stability and security in your roots. Assertive Mars transiting your 3rd house ignites your communication sector, urging you to express your ideas with assertiveness and passion. Good for sales.

The Taurus New Moon occurring in your 3rd house brings a focus on communications, learning, interviews and sales. With Mars in Aries transiting your 2nd house, there’s a push for assertiveness in financial matters, urging you to take decisive action to secure your resources and assert your worth. This combination favors sales and commissions.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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