Solar eclipse will focus your attention on business matters with ambitious Mars in Aries compelling you to initiate new work ventures and giving you the courage to take a risk and think out of the box. Pleasure seeking Venus can indicate a vacation to bring balance with work and your personal life.


Assertive Mars will have you working behind the scenes to develop future projects that may involve Internet marketing, launch an ecommerce business or studying to gain more professional training. Good month for obtaining a loan or attracting financial investors to support your goals.




Business and pleasure are in balance as the Solar Eclipse triggers your sector of joint ventures and contract negotiations while sociable Venus aligns with optimistic Jupiter in your relationship sector which can bring a new love connection or awaken more romance in a current partnership.


Marriage and partnerships will become a major theme throughout the year starting in January with a Solar Eclipse in your relationship sector. Ambitious Mars transits your career sector with lucky Jupiter in your work sector. Together, they will give advancements with your job or business.


Solar Eclipse is triggering your sector of work while assertive Mars transits your sector and can be favorable for learning new job skills or more travel for business. Sociable Venus aligns with expansive Jupiter in the 5th which is positive for creative projects, entertainment and taking a vacation.




Creative Venus aligns with expansive Jupiter which is favorable for hosting a party at your home, going on a family vacation or buying new furniture. Ambitious Mars in the 8th of finance could give a good month for buying a new home. Solar eclipse in the 5th inspires creative or entertainment projects.


Solar Eclipse highlights the sector of home, family and real estate matters for the coming months. Good month for taking a vacation or a long weekend and also for creative writing, speaking and sales. Assertive Mars may trigger arguments which is positive for clearing the air and starting again.


You may be taking a class to learn new job skills. Also a favorable time for interviewing for a job or giving a sales presentation. Venus Jupiter in the 2nd can attract financial opportunities as well as spending too much money on luxury goods. A busy work month and best to exercise to reduce any stress.



Sociable and artistic Venus joins expansive Jupiter both in Sagittarius which is ideal for launching creative projects, expanding your social circle and also for falling in love or bringing the romance back into an existing relationship. Solar Eclipse in your financial sector can bring you lucrative opportunities.


Solar Eclipse in Capricorn wants to bring you opportunities to reinvent your life directing you towards a new path over the coming months. Assertive Mars in Aries may have you moving, remodeling or focusing on real estate ventures. Sociable Venus prefers to be more low-key as you focus on work.



Solar Eclipse may have you developing long range projects quietly behind the scenes. Pleasure seeking Venus aligns with expansive Jupiter in your sector of friendships, which may have you attending large and festive social events. It is a favorable time for going on a trip with friends or on a group tour.





The new year has you coming out of the gate focusing strongly on business and financial growth. It is especially favorable for creative and entertainment ventures. Solar Eclipse in Capricorn in your 11th of group activities is positive for working in collaboration with others over the coming months.




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