October Astrology Forecasts

Solar Eclipse highlighting your 7th sector of relationships can signify the start of a new romantic relationship, business partnership, or a significant shift in an existing one in the coming months. Assertive Mars in your 8th house can indicate stressful financial negotiations that could make it difficult to find compromise initially but perseverance pays off.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 6th sector of work and self-improvement when your daily job routine could be going through major adjustments and refocusing on better health habits. Pleasure-seeking Venus transiting your 5th house of romance, children and vacations making for a good balance between work and your personal life. New relationships could be developing.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 5th sector of romance, creativity and children putting these matters into the spotlight. New beginnings are developing along with important adjustments. Ambitious Mars in your 6th of work and health maintenance keeps you busy and ideal for exercising and strengthening the body. Good month for entertaining at your home.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 4th sector of home, family and real estate will be indicating new beginnings and making adjustments in these personal areas. Benefic Venus in your 3rd of learning, speaking and writing is great for shining in business meetings or selling yourself in a job interview. Energetic Mars could inspire you to start a home improvement project.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 3rd sector of communications, learning, selling and traveling ushering in new beginnings in these areas or making important adjustments, such as deciding to return to school or seek new work skills. Benefic Venus in your 2nd of income can bring opportunities to increase your finances that could involve real estate matters.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 2nd sector of personal income and possessions could bring you financial opportunities or the need to adjust your cash flow. Relational and creative Venus will be transiting your sign. An ideal time for starting a new relationship or improving existing ones. Good month for selling yourself or your services to make more money.
Happy Birthday! There will be a solar eclipse in Libra October 14th and if your birthday is within a day or two a new path both professionally or personally could commence in the near future. This eclipse will inspire you to initiate new projects, take the lead and be more visible. Assertive and ambitious Mars will be in your 2 nd house of income, giving you the courage to take financial risks.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 12th sector of hidden or behind the scenes activities. This eclipse will be influencing you for the next 6 months and ideal for developing future projects. You may also pursue spiritual studies or become involved with charitable events. Ambitious and risk- taking Mars will be in Scorpio once in 2 years giving you the motivation to initiate new projects.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 11th sector of friendships, group activities and long-range goals that could usher in new beginnings or trigger important adjustments in these areas. Social and creative Venus will be transiting your career sector ideal for artistic and entertainment projects. Ambitious Mars in your shadow sector keeps you busy working behind the scenes.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 10th sector of career and professional matters that could plant seeds for new business in the coming months. Ambitious Mars in your 11th supports pursuing your goals and working with a team effort can be more productive than working alone. Pleasure seeking Venus in the 9th of long-distance travels is ideal for a romantic and enjoyable vacation.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 9th sector of higher education, marketing, publishing and international travel activates new beginnings or important adjustments in these areas. Ambitious Mars will be in your career sector once in 2 years compelling you to take risks and expand your business out to the world. Social Venus seeks a deeper and more intimate connection.
Solar Eclipse highlighting your 8th house of shared resources, joint ventures and financial contracts ushering in new beginnings or adjusting in these areas over the coming months. Social and benefic Venus will be transiting your 7th sector of marriage, partnerships and contracts – ideal for romance and finding compromise and cooperation with business negotiations.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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