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With ambitious Mars in your career sector this is a favorable month for initiating new business ventures, and it can be profitable with benefic Venus in the financial sector.  The time to launch is after the 15th, which is the New Moon and when discerning Mercury turns direct, giving you more clarity.


Sociable and charming Venus is transiting Taurus, an ideal time for falling in love or awakening romance back into an existing relationship.  Travel is highlighted, which is favorable for business and better yet for pleasure.  You may be feeling stuck or indecisive – this will clear up after the 15th when Mercury turns direct.


You may be readjusting your plans and goals, giving you more clarity after the 15th when your ruling planet turns direct.  Amorous Venus is more comfortable playing it low key or even remaining alone.  This will change after the 24th when Venus enters your sign, compelling you to be more social.


You may be entering a business partnership or offered a contract, but it would be best to commit after the 15th when discerning Mercury turns direct in your career sector and ambitious Mars in your sector of relationships.  Loving Venus is highlighting the sector of friendships and social events.


You may be starting a new job or launching a business that can be lucrative and fulfilling with contented Venus transiting your career sector and ambitious Mars in the work sector.  Best to launch or market any on-line activity after the 15th when communication Mercury turns direct.




With your ruling planet retrograde until the 15th you might as well get away from the office or household duties and go on a pleasurable vacation.  Loving Venus is transiting your travel sector while restless Mars sits in the sector of parties, an ideal time for vacations, recreational activities, or a romantic getaway.


Benefic Venus can bring you financial gifts, loans, or settlements and is favorable for negotiating contract offers.  If you are considering any remodeling or home repairs or even buying or selling property you will get the best results after the 15th when decision-making Mercury turns direct.


Spring Fever can ignite a new infatuation or take a relationship to the next level.  This is definitely a good time for healing any previous misunderstandings with loving Venus transiting your sector of marriage and close relationships.  This time provides an ideal energy for starting a new job or project with the best results after the 15th.



Pleasurable Venus is highlighting your job sector, good for starting a new project or for improving work conditions.  Ambitious Mars is pushing you to increase your income, and with discerning Mercury retrograde until the 15th you may want to go on a vacation the first half and work hard the last half.


Mercury is retrograde until the 15th when you may be indecisive regarding your living situation or investing in real estate; so in the meantime, you may as well get away and have some fun as loving Venus transits the sector of recreational activities, parties, and vacations.  After the 15th you will be busy.



You may be planning important decisions about your home or living situation, such as buying a nicer home, investing in property, or remodeling; however, the best results will be after the 15th when discerning Mercury turns direct.  Plus, ambitious Mars may have you working hard developing future projects.





This is a good month for increasing sales or for selling yourself at a job interview with charming Venus in the sector of communications and with ambitious Mars urging you to go for your dreams.  The best results will be after the 15th when discerning Mercury turns direct in your sector of money and income




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