June Astrology Forecasts

Favorable month for romance, vacations, entertainment and creative projects as pleasure-
seeking Venus highlights your sector of fun and games. Investing could also be profitable as
prosperous Jupiter transits your money sector, while in harmony with business and stabilizing Saturn. Children could also be on your mind whether to have one or giving birth.
Optimistic and expansive Jupiter is now in Taurus and this month it will be supported by
business Saturn which can be favorable for launching new business projects. Real estate
matters could be involved with your business goals or a good month for moving, construction or remodeling. Jupiter is favorable for travel.

Happy Birthday! Social Venus aligns with assertive Mars in your travel sector – ideal for weekend getaways as well as for creative writing or success with selling. Responsible and committed Saturn is transiting your career sector. In June, Saturn will be supported by lucky and expansive Jupiter, which is favorable for starting a new job, project or launching a business.

Venus and Mars are transiting your sector of income and finances triggering strong desires to increase your income or spending a lot impulsively. If you stay grounded, you could end up attracting more than you spend. Expansive Jupiter is in your sector of friends and favorable with responsible Saturn in your sector of travel. You could be traveling with friends to Europe.
Love is in the air with social Venus and passionate Mars both transiting your sign. It’s an ideal time for attending social events and having a great time as well as triggering possible romantic attractions. If you are married, this month could be perfect for bringing back the romance. Lucky Jupiter is in your career sector stabilized by responsible Saturn – good for business projects.
Optimistic Jupiter is in your travel sector supported by responsible Saturn in your sector of
marriage. It’s an ideal time for making international travel plans with your partner. Passionate Venus and Mars are also triggering your sector of foreign countries that could also be perfect for attending spiritual centers or wellness retreats – great for rejuvenating your body and soul.
Pleasure-seeking Venus aligns with passionate Mars in your sector of friendships and group
activities. An ideal time for networking and attending social events with friends. Prosperous
Jupiter is in your sector of finances and joint ventures in harmony with responsible Saturn in your sector of work and could bring you opportunities for new projects and forming a business partnership.
You could be offered a lucrative contract or form a partnership to initiate a project and could be very favorable in the entertainment business or selling luxury goods. Generous and optimistic Jupiter is in your partnership sector supported by responsible Saturn in your sector of romance which could bring a more serious personal relationship or discussing having a child.
Pleasure-seeking Venus is aligning with adventurous Mars in your sector of long-distance
travels. A perfect time for a very romantic international vacation as well as favorable with
publishing, marketing, and promotions. Expansive Jupiter is in your work sector, which is a good match with responsible Saturn is in your real estate sector supporting all business activities with properties.
Venus and Mars are aligning triggering strong passions and desires and they are transiting your sector of intimacy and sensuality – perfect for a new intimate relationship or igniting romance back into your current relationship. This energy favors financial settlements and negotiations, investing in a new project with a partner or attracting a lucrative financial contract.
If you are single and looking, you could start a new romance and if you are married you could renew your vows or reawaken the romance back in your marriage. Social Venus is aligning with passionate Mars in your sector of partnerships, and you may be planning a marriage. Fortunate Jupiter is now in your home and real estate sector for a year – perfect for moving or remodeling.
Health and body maintenance is favorably highlighted as Venus, the planet of beauty, aligns with Mars, the planet of physical activities and surgery. Thus, you will have strong desires to look good through better nutrition and exercise, as well any cosmetic treatments. Expansive Jupiter is now in your 3rd sector for a year. It’s a good time for learning, writing, selling and short-distance travel.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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