Assertive Mars is keeping you busy at work, but Libra planets provide a good balance between your professional and personal life. Expansive Jupiter enters Scorpio every 12 years, giving growth, luck, and opportunities with joint ventures, finances, taxes, loans and inheritances.


The month starts with your attention focused on fulfilling your job duties and is a favorable time for any volunteer work.  Ambitious Mars could have you making impulsive investments in the market; but the good news is, expansive Jupiter is bringing growth and luck to relationships for one year.


Assertive Mars could have you making home repairs; unless you are moving or investing in real estate. Libra planets will provide a good personal life as expansive Jupiter enters your 6th for a year favorable for health work projects, improving your work conditions.



Restless Mars may trigger sudden travel plans. This is a busy time for you, one booked with appointments and errands. Mars can be positive for sales, especially with real estate. Expansive Jupiter enters your 5th for one year, favorable for children, creative expression, entertainment, and romance.


Assertive Mars provides the motivation to increase your income as the Libra planets in the 3rd is ideal for sales, meetings, and interviews. Lucky Jupiter enters your home and property sector for one year, once in 12 years, giving opportunities to move to a larger home or make money in real estate.



Assertive Mars continues in Virgo, keeping you busy initiating new projects. Three Libra planets are transiting your 2nd house of income, helping you increase your cash flow (as long as you aren’t spending it all). Expansive Jupiter enters the 3rd for a year, giving growth to sales, travels, and education.


Happy Birthday! If you have been working on future projects, they could be ready to launch when ambitious Mars enters Libra after the 23rd. The good news is expansive and lucky Jupiter is entering your 2nd of income for a year, giving opportunities to increase your finances and cash flow.


You continue to pursue your goals with assertive Mars in your 11th, providing support from friends or business associates. The great news is expansive Jupiter is entering Scorpio for one year, providing you with more luck, optimism, confidence, travel, education, visibility, and financial growth.


Libra planets in the 11th has you looking to your future goals as assertive Mars motivates you to initiate new business, resulting in a nice balance between work and social events. Jupiter is your ruling planet, and it enters Scorpio for one year, favorable for charity, studying, and inner growth.


Libra planets are highlighting career activities with assertive Mars helping you promote your business with marketing or business travel. Expansive Jupiter enters Scorpio for one year, expanding your social circle, working with groups, and helping you believe your goals are possible.



Travel, education, publishing, or marketing are important themes with Libra planets in your 9th sector. Expansive Jupiter is entering your 10th career sector for one year, once in 12 years, giving opportunities for business growth, promotions, recognition, fame, and more success.




Libra planets in your 8th highlights finances and joint ventures with assertive Mars helping you negotiate with courage and confidence. Expansive Jupiter is entering your 9th for one year, giving opportunities for more travel, education, media, publishing, and luck with legal matters.



Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
To learn more about his services and to watch his monthly video forecasts please go to http://www.astro-counseling.com.