You may be attracting unexpected financial opportunities, yet you need to wait, as discerning Mercury will be retrograde until March 28th and it would be best to do your due diligence before making any commitments. Friends may be a source of emotional support or bringing you opportunities.

taurusAssertive Mars is transiting your sign along with innovative Uranus entering Taurus and triggering a great deal of excitement and motivation for new ventures. Decision making Mercury is retrograde until March 28th, so you may need to reorganize your business affairs before the new opportunities can manifest.




Pleasure-seeking Venus is transiting your travel sector and you may decide to get away from business because you are feeling stuck and need a break, or your business is on hold with many balls in the air. While you wait to see how it all plays out, you may want to sit on a tropical beach.


Ambitious Mars has you going after your long-range goals and you could be getting financial support from loans to investors. Mercury is retrograde till March 28th, which may have you revising your marketing plans to promote your business, or you may be deciding to get more professional training to secure your future.


An unexpected business opportunity involving a partnership may come in suddenly with surprising Uranus and ambitious Mars transiting your career sector. Retrograde Mercury (until March 28th) may have you re-organizing previous financial commitments before moving forward with new contracts.




You may be learning a new job routine, gaining new work skills or you might need to book an unexpected business trip, as previous agreements could be in jeopardy with communication Mercury in retrograde until March 28th. Work may be in flux and best to rethink your options carefully to find new solutions.


You may be experiencing financial tensions that could include filing your taxes, insurance matters or banking. Impatient Mars and rebellious Uranus are in your sector of finance and are paired with communication Mercury, which is retrograding in your work sector until March 28th. It’s a good month to get away on a holiday.


Expect the unexpected regarding personal and business relationships with surprising Uranus entering your relationship sector and joining impatient Mars with communication Mercury (which is retrograde till March 28th) and giving misunderstandings. However, diplomatic Venus can save the day with the support of family.



Not advised to begin any major home improvement projects or putting your house up for sale because of a retrograde Mercury in your real estate sector. Learning new job skills is a plus, or you may be in the process of starting a new business project. It’s best to wait until after March 28th for the launch.


Ambitious Mars is transiting your sector of investments with benefic Venus bringing you financial opportunities and both are favorable for future projects.  However, a retrograde Mercury this month is best for re-organizing, revising, and retooling your business affairs before launching into new endeavors.



Uranus re-enters your home sector and could trigger a restlessness to make home improvements. Relocating could be on your mind. With Mercury in retrograde this month starting March 6th, it is not the time to make any important financial decisions. Sociable Venus in your sign is favorable for relationships and for falling in love.





Happy Birthday! You are commencing a new cycle this month with a retrograde Mercury. It’s best to reflect on your past year before pursuing new projects and goals until after the 28th. Sociable and creative Venus is lying low until it enters Pisces on the 26th and into April. It is ideal for falling in love, socializing, entertainment and vacations.




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