September Astrology Forecasts
Communication Mercury joins assertive Mars in your 6th sector of work and health matters. This can indicate a very busy period accomplishing your job tasks, exercising and favorable for learning new skills. The Leo Sun shines on your 5th house of entertainment, vacations and children. You could be busy organizing vacation travel plans and recreational activities especially involving children.
Social Venus is retrograding in your family sector and can trigger challenges and
misunderstandings while communication Mercury aligns with impulsive Mars in your 5th sector of children and romance which could trigger sudden arguments. Mars in the 5th is favorable for sports and could be a positive outlet with family members to reduce any tensions.
Restless and adaptable Mercury is your ruling planet and will be aligning with impatient Mars in your 4th sector of home, family and real estate and can trigger family tensions or focusing on home repairs. The Sun and pleasurable Venus shines in your 3rd on travel that could be a good excuse for a trip and to get out of the house especially if you are needing home repairs.
Decision-making Mercury joins ambitious Mars in your 3rd sector of meetings, interviews and sales giving a forceful time for selling yourself or your products. The Sun shines on your 2nd of income so you could be busy with sales meetings hoping to increase your income. The 3rd sector also favors learning, writing and speaking and is ideal for all forms of communications and traveling.
Happy Birthday! The Leo Sun is joined with a retrograde Venus testing relationships as well as reconnecting to old friends or lovers from your past. Negotiating Mercury aligns with aggressive Mars in your 2 nd sector of income and can either give you a forceful nature with financial transactions or impulsive spending habits. You could be seeking new ways to increase your income.
Ambitious Mars and discerning Mercury are transiting Virgo giving you the courage and motivation to initiate new ventures but best if launched before Mercury turns retrograde August 23rd. The Sun is highlighting your shadow sector and indicates working hard behind the scenes developing your project and the fiery Mars giving you the push to accomplish your goals.
The Sun shines on your 11th sector of goals and aspirations as discerning Mercury joins ambitious Mars in your 12th of working behind the scenes developing your hopes and dreams. The 11th rules groups and teams that could be supporting your drive to achieve your goals. Energetic Mars in the 12th house can also indicate exhaustion as you push non-stop to accomplish your goals.
Achieving your career goals is your main agenda with the leadership Sun transiting your career 10th house and business savvy Mercury joined with ambitious Mars highlighting your 11th of long term goals and aspirations. The Sun can give you the visibility and recognition to take the lead. The 11th sector favors networking and attracting friends and associates to help you succeed.
The Leo Sun shines on your 9th house of travel, marketing and publishing bringing opportunities as negotiating Mercury joins ambitious Mars in your career 10th giving business opportunities, leadership and visibility. The 9th can represent the media and the 10th can indicate visibility and some of you may be in the spotlight or gaining a certain amount of attention and fame.
The Leo Sun highlights your 8th house of finance, joint ventures, contracts or settlements as business savvy Mercury joins assertive Mars in your 9th of legal matters, marketing and publishing. You could be in business negotiations for setting up a publishing or media venture. The need for legal advice could be to your benefit prior to signing any important financial agreements.
Marriage and partnerships are being tested and reevaluated as shared resources or joint ventures could be the focus of discussions. Negotiating Mercury joins aggressive Mars in your 8th house of financial matters and could be favorable with forming a new business partnership or the ending of previous agreements especially with relational Venus in retrograde.
Communication Mercury aligns with assertive and impatient Mars in your 7th house of marriage, partnerships and contracts and could release hidden resentments which is good for clearing the air and starting again. The Sun enters the 7th house of partnerships on August 23rd intensifying negotiations and Mercury turns retrograde which will complicate any agreements.

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