July Astrology Forecasts

The sun is aligning with Venus in Cancer in your 4th house, you’ll feel a strong pull towards home and family. This is a time to create a nurturing environment and strengthen bonds with loved ones. Mars aligns with Uranus in your 2nd house, your financial landscape is charged with dynamic, unpredictable energy.

Sun with Venus in your 3rd house brings a focus on communication and learning making this an excellent time for sharing ideas, writing and selling. Mars aligns with Uranus. Expect a burst of daring and individuality empowering you to break free from routines and embrace your true self, inspiring bold new beginnings.

Sun with Venus in your 2nd house is a favorable time to focus on enhancing your income and finding pleasure in the simple comforts of life. Mars with Uranus, gives a surge of restless energy stirring beneath the surface. Embrace this period of introspection and unexpected insights, and the releasing of old patterns.

With the Sun and Venus in Cancer you radiate charm and magnetism. This alignment enhances your personal allure and brings a renewed focus on self-expression. Mars with Uranus sparks dynamic changes in your social circles and long-term aspirations. This urges you to take bold steps toward your dreams.
Sun and Venus in your 12th house gives introspection and exploring your inner world and allowing you to connect deeply with your spiritual side. Mars with Uranus gives your career and public life a burst of innovative energy. Embrace this period to pursue bold professional changes.
Sun with Venus brings a harmonious focus on friendships and your social networks. This is a perfect time to strengthen bonds with like-minded individuals and pursue shared dreams. Mars with Uranus, expect an invigorating urge for adventure and exploration with unexpected international travels.

Sun with Venus in your career sector illuminates your career and public image, bringing opportunities for recognition and professional harmony. Mars with Uranus helps you break free from old constraints, enabling powerful changes and unexpected growth in your financial and intimate partnerships.

Sun with Venus in your 9th house inspires a thirst for knowledge and a desire for international traveling. Mars with Uranus, expect an unexpected impact on your close relationships, embrace bold changes and innovative approaches in your connections, fostering potential breakthroughs in how you relate to others.

Sun and Venus in your 8th house deepens your curiosity about life’s mysteries with a focus on intimacy and can be favorable for attracting financial gifts. Mars with Uranus can give sudden bursts of energy in your work, but be careful of impulsive actions that can lead to accidents or conflicts working with others.
Sun and Venus in the 7th house and Mars and Uranus in the 5th house will cause relationships and partnerships to take center stage in your life, with a strong focus on creating stable, long-lasting connections. Your passionate nature, combined with an unpredictable energy, can lead to exciting romantic encounters.

With Sun and Venus in the 6th house and Mars and Uranus in the 4th, your daily routines and work life are infused with a sense of purpose and beauty, potentially leading you to seek innovative ways to improve your health and productivity. This placement can lead to renovations or remodeling or making plans to relocate.
Sun and Venus in the 5th house and Mars and Uranus in the 3rd compels creativity, romance, and self-expression that are at the forefront of your life, potentially leading to artistic achievements or romantic experiences. This may result in unconventional learning experiences, innovative ideas and original thinking.

Terence Guardino, a professional astrologer since 1977.
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