Table Tops 

with Kira Faiman & Julia Grayson

Photography by ChiChi Ubiña

“Imagine a picturesque summer luncheon nestled in the garden, adorned with an array of fresh, seasonal produce boasting vibrant flavors and hues. Our first table setting bursts with Mediterranean-inspired blues and cheery yellow floral napkin rings, evoking a sense of playful whimsy that transcends time. In contrast, the second setting exudes a serene elegance with its summer whites, blending various textures within a natural palette for effortless, laid-back entertaining.”  Kira Faiman

Julia Grayson:

Grayson De Vere opened its first Home and Wellness Boutique, GDV i.e., in 2017 in East Hampton. Borne from a desire to expand beyond our Interior Design Studio roots, we wanted to create an open source to serve friends and clients who were always asking where I found my favorite pieces and fabulous wellness products. It allowed me to pursue my passion for hunting + gathering beautiful home and wellness brands, previously honed through years of living in Europe.

As wisdom and beauty found is more fun when shared, our mission is to source + share the finest in inspirationally designed and internationally sought-after elements for chic + clean living as well as support clients in creating immersive interior lifestyles that support wellness in living and living well.

I spend my time equally between sourcing, traveling and designing, carefully curating the best in luxury lifestyle elements from over 20 different nations, with a focus on sustainability.

Our clients fall across a wide spectrum of ages, lifestyles and locales. We love to serve our Greenwich Community and their broader footprint of the Hamptons, Aspen, Palm Beach, etc.. With the advent of our ecommerce platform and a new shop opening in West Palm Beach, our clients now span North America and even Europe. The common thread amongst them? A love of beauty, an appreciation of material, a strong sense of style, an unforgiving standard for design, and a desire for and understanding of conscious luxury living!

Kira Faiman

I am the Founder and CEO of Von Gern Home, a luxury brand of table and home decor that I started in 2018 in New York City. During a successful career on Wall Street for over 15 years, I found my creative outlet in hosting and entertaining friends and family. The table became an outlet for my creativity and personality to shine, and a place to enjoy beautiful design. This passion for entertaining lead to the creation of Von Gern Home with an aim to promote the joy of table styling and to offer tools to create stylish tablescapes for everyone.

I design collections of placemats, coasters, napkin rings, trays, tissue box covers, and decorative objects that come in a variety of colors, joyful patters, and durable materials, making it easy and fun to dress the table. Von Gern Home products are available online as well as at premier home boutiques worldwide, including Bergdorf Goodman in NYC and of course, Grayson de Vere in Greenwich.

How do you find aesthetic inspiration?

Kira: I look for beauty and inspiration everywhere. The colors and shapes of art and architecture inspire my designs. The silhouettes at fashion shows and the details of artisanal crafts find a voice in my designs. Travel and global cultures are always my inspiration and I often pay homage to the various locations I’ve travelled to.

Julia: Wherever I am, my eye is caught by the sights and scenes of whatever surrounds me.

The common thread throughout my aesthetic is found in classic lines, practical designs, immersive tones, and emotive experiences all bound together with a bit of whit and fun. At the end of the day, design should serve to entertain all the senses and inspire one to linger, whether in a room or at a table.

How do you work together?

Kira: I deeply admire Julia’s aesthetic and business prowess. Working with her is effortless as our creative visions align seamlessly, resulting in beautiful collaborations.

Julia: Kira and I met 6 years ago, when I attended an industry trade fair in New York. We conversed that day, discovering a shared love of table design, living in Europe and formerly working in finance.

Our relationship was solidified when I invited Kira out for an event in the shop where we were showcasing all types of table settings. We were doing an Instagram Live… which is always a bit or pressure, especially when it is unrehearsed. We had so much fun creating 4 different tablescapes in about 15 minutes! We realized immediately that we had a shared passion and overlapping aesthetics.

Tell us about your table setting.

Julia: It is important to draw in the guest and keep them present by creating an immersive experience inspired by the season and the space.

Our serving pieces tend to be solid in color so that they remain flexible in supporting varied styles and seasons. Coupled with Von Gern Home’s beautiful Capri Placemats with their strong blues and whites, we unfolded a perfect combination!

What are some current trends in homewares?

Kira: Earthy tones and warm neutrals create a cozy and grounded atmosphere, sustainable materials, bold patterns like geometric shapes, floral prints, and abstract designs that add visual interest to spaces, indoor-outdoor living with an emphasis on versatility and comfort, homewares that seamlessly transition between indoor and outdoor spaces are gaining popularity. Informal dining is favored for its relaxed charm and suitability for everyday use embracing bold colors, patterns, and textures to create visually rich and eclectic spaces that exude personality and individuality.

Julia: There is a movement to a much more styled table including one owning and combining different collections of dishware and glassware for different times of day or different levels of entertainment. The table is very much seen as an extension of one’s own lifestyle and design sense and central to chic socializing. Unglazed dishware for day is popular whether in whiter tones or charcoals. In the evening, we are dressing tables with beautiful centerpieces, candles and a more purposeful color and style. A well-set table is not just for guests anymore!

How do your clients match up their dining style/tabletops with their home décor?

Kira: Our clients consider consistency in theme throughout their home and select color palette and materials that creates visual cohesion and balance. We are always available to advise on and style various tabletop looks. Ultimately, clients infuse their personal taste and lifestyle preferences into their dining style and tabletop selections.

Julia: Whether in relation to a table setting, a room, or a wardrobe is, first and foremost, you should love it! You will be enjoying it for many years to come! Then, choose a color that you like to wear. Similar to a wardrobe, one “wears” one’s table and one’s interior! You might as well look good in it!

I recommend having a basic capsule collection of neutral tableware along with enough serve ware to easily meet daily needs that works well with the interior styling of the home. This can be dressed up or down as need be and color can be added through placemats and napkins that complement the interior decor.


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