337 Riverside Drive

New York, New York

“The River Mansion” Designers

The LOOK team enjoyed a preview of this grand showhouse exhibiting the designers’ unique styles. We encourage everyone to make a quick and easy trip to the Upper West Side!

It runs through June 6th including weekends. The website for tickets and more information is www.kipsbaydecoratorshowhouse.org

Room 1 (Foyer + Staircase to 2nd Floor):  Yellow House Architects

Room 2 (Parlor): David Scott Interiors

Room 3 (Bedroom): Dessins

Room 4 (Powder Room):  Yellow House Interiors

Room 5 (Den + Staircase to 3rd floor): Halden Interiors

Room 6 (Living Room): Ghislaine Vinas

Room 7:  (Family Room): Timothy Corrigan

Room 8 (Powder Room): Lindsay Coral Harper Interiors

Room 9 (Wine Room): Neil Beckstedt Studio

Room 10 (Library): JayJeffers, Inc.

Room 11 (Dining Room): Georgis and Mirgorodsky

Room 12 (Catering Kitchen and Pantry: Lillian Wu Studio 

Room 13 (Media Room): Sawyer – Berson

Room 14 (Bedroom): Mary McDonald, Inc.

Room 15 (Bathroom & Closet): Design Studio 15

Room 16 (Kitchen): Wesley Moon 

Room 17 (Laundry Room): Fairfax Dorn Projects

Room 18 (Primary Bedroom & Hallway): Sasha Bikoff Interior Design 

Room 19 (Primary Bathroom): Sergio Mercado Design

Room 20 (Bedroom): Clinton Smith Studio

Room 21 (Bedroom): Clive Lonstein, Inc.

Room 22 (5th Floor Bathroom): PROJECT AZ

Exterior Landscaping:  Janice Parker Landscape Architects