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10 years in Greenwich! Tell us about your experience in this fantastic town. How has your business thrived?

When I started my business, NicholsMD of Greenwich, in 2013, my hope was to bring NYC-luxury dermatological care to Fairfield county so that those in the community would not have to sacrifice accessibility for exceptional patient care. And what an incredible ten years it has been. I have grown from three employees to three locations with a team of 23 hardworking and dedicated women. Together with this team, I have gotten the opportunity to help over 8,000 patients and families look and feel their best, which is the core of my mission as a dermatologist.

In addition, I’ve been able to expand my passion for philanthropy by donating over $200,000 to local and national philanthropies. Most recently, I launched the NicholsMD Cares Program to even further streamline our philanthropic efforts. Through the past decade, what I am most grateful for is the Greenwich community – without you, there would truly be no NicholsMD.

We are excited to hear about your plans for expansion in Greenwich.

I am proud to announce that in spring of 2024, NicholsMD of Greenwich will be moving to our new, permanent location at 32 Field Point Road. I look forward to not only preserving the building’s historical merit, but also showcasing its unique beauty as it becomes the official home base for NicholsMD of Greenwich. This location will have a fresh focus on integrated wellness and aging beautifully, with three floors dedicated to cosmetic dermatology, aesthetic services, and regenerative medicine. Further, the building will include an abundance of private parking, discrete entrances and exits for those who wish, and on a clear day, a view of the beautiful Long Island Sound from some of the exam rooms.

Tell us about your expansion over the last few years into Stamford and Fairfield. How do those spots complement your practice in Greenwich? Are you offering the same services?

While I launched my initial location in Greenwich in 2013, we have since opened two other locations; SkinLab by NicholsMD in Harbor Point opened in February of 2020, and NicholsMD of Fairfield most recently opened in May of 2022. Both locations offer an expansive variety of cosmetic and medical dermatological treatments, similarly to NicholsMD of Greenwich – bringing the same luxury care to other areas throughout Fairfield County. We welcome all types of patients across our three locations: both those that are new to aesthetics and looking for a custom plan that yields natural-looking results, as well as those searching for innovative skincare treatments year-round that value discreet services. In addition, we are proud to offer accessible online booking, availability within three days of a patient’s initial request, and curbside shopping for all online retail orders. While I spend the majority of my time treating patients in Greenwich, you can find my team of highly trained, board-certified physician assistants, nurse practitioners, registered nurses, and licensed aestheticians at the Harbor Point and Fairfield locations.

What’s hot in skin care now? Are there specific treatments we should all be doing? 

One thing in particular that I’ve seen grow incredibly rapidly in popularity is regenerative micro-coring, like my newest offering, Ellacor. Ellacor is what I’d like to call an elevated microneedling treatment; Microneedling uses small needles to injure the tissue, but skin is not actually removed as it is with Ellacor, making this procedure that much more effective in skin resurfacing. My goal is to help each individual look and feel like the best version of themselves, hence our hashtag, #NaturalAtNichols. And that means that every patient needs a unique treatment plan designed with their skin and skincare goals in mind. However, there are treatments that might be a better fit at certain ages over others. Below are some of the most popular treatments by age, but know that each individual’s ideal treatment and skincare plan may vary.

Good Habits

Be sure to get rid of old, unused products on your skincare shelves or drawers, check your skincare expiration dates, as some skincare such as SPF and retinol does expire, and begin to swap out your routine for the change of season.

For summer and travel to the tropics, it is important to find sun wear that is not only chic, but UPF as well, like my Kimme or Honey hats!


  • Facials are a great way to address common skin concerns that teenagers have such as clogged pores, breakouts, and oily skin.
  • Breakouts and acne are incredibly prevalent in teenagers and young adults, and can cause a serious impact on an individual’s self-confidence. AviClear is the first FDA-cleared laser to help treat active acne. This revolutionary treatment is one of our newest offerings in the boutique, and is available at all three NicholsMD locations.


  • For those looking for a pre-getaway or pre-event treatment, we recommend our signature HydraBright treatment. This pairs the HydraFacial and laser genesis treatments for a zero-downtime glow up.
  • For those looking to combat excess oil or stubborn redness, I recommend our MiniTox treatment, which uses neuromodulators to minimize the appearance of pores and rosacea.
  • Typically, my patients begin preventative anti-aging with neuromodulators (such as Botox) in their late-twenties. Neuromodulators are an excellent way to smooth fine lines and wrinkles that may be starting to appear, as well as prevent future ones from forming!


  • Hyaluronic acid-based fillers are the perfect way to help define, lift, and contour the face. My signature liquid lip lift, jawline contouring package, and total undereye rejuvenation are among some of our most popular combination filler treatments at NicholsMD of Greenwich.
  • Microneedling with Exosomes helps to minimize the appearance of pores, acne scars, and melasma, as well as boost collagen production for healthier skin overall. Exosomes are one of our newest topical additions, and are truly science in a bottle; these serums are perfect for post-treatment healing, boosting collagen and elastin production, and promoting a healthy, rejuvenated complexion overall.
  • PRP or PRF (platelet-rich plasma or platelet-rich fibrin) are an excellent addition to any treatment plan as these injections use your body’s own natural healing and growth factors to promote a fuller, thicker head of hair, restore volume to the face, rejuvenate the undereye area, and more!


  • Our trademarked treatment, The Greenwich Secret™, combines microneedling and radio frequency technology to revitalize the skin and diminish signs of aging on the face as well as all over the body with minimal downtime. This popular treatment can be completely tailored to your skincare needs with a customized cocktail of serums.
  • Sculptra is an FDA-approved injectable that helps gradually replace lost collagen — an underlying cause of facial aging — for results that can last more than two years. By injecting this filler into the desired areas, my team and I are able to help restore facial volume and fullness while smoothing wrinkles and folds on the face.


  • Fraxel Dual Laser with Exosomes simultaneously targets aging and sun-damaged skin, resulting in a brighter, even, sun-spot free complexion.
  • Our newest treatment in Greenwich, Ellacor, uses hollow needles to remove micro-cores of the skin, significantly improving the appearance of wrinkles and resurfacing skin overall.


  • Ultherapy uses micro focused ultrasound stimulate collagen deep within the skin for a tighter and lifted appearance of the face, neck, and decolletage with little to no downtime.

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