An Introduction to Real Estate in

Greenwich, Connecticut

Photography by ChiChi Ubina

When it comes to cosmopolitan enclaves, few places in the United States outrank Greenwich, Connecticut.

From the Long Island Sound to Back Country, the entire community is rich with culture, entertainment, and of course, prime real estate. When it comes to buying and selling in Greenwich, it pays to work with an expert—someone like Julie Grace Burke and her dedicated team.

As so aptly put it, you can check off this list of 111 to-dos needed to buy a home, or you can do one thing: hire a real estate agent. While the nature of commissions may be headline news (and btw it’s not really news—commissions have always been negotiable), the relationship between buyer and real estate agent isn’t going anywhere. And the same need for guidance and marketing expertise is true for sellers, too.

Remember, while you may participate in a few real estate transactions in your lifetime, agents (and especially brokers) oversee hundreds!

Real Estate Agent Pitfalls

If you’re in the market for a real estate agent, here are some agents to avoid and solutions for what to look for instead.

The Newbie

Imagine you found a wheelbarrow full of Franklins. After ensuring it’s not lost cartel money and safe to invest, who are you going to ask for help? You may have a long standing relationship with your neighbor whose kids grew up and went to school with yours. Perhaps their child just got their degree in financial planning. You’d love to help them out, but is that the most responsible way to grow your investment? Ultimately, it’s unlikely that this newly minted financial planner would not become the sole arbiter of your financial future.

The same applies to real estate. Your home is that wheelbarrow, and the cash is the years of equity that you have built up. Often this represents a family’s largest asset, and a successful (or unsuccessful) sale can have profound consequences. Prioritize an experienced agent who knows the market and how to maximize your return.

And, if saying no to your neighbor’s kiddo isn’t an option, at least ensure that they are on a focused team with a hands-on leader who will handle all of the negotiations, and be involved every step of the way.

The TV-star

Unless you’re looking to be on TV yourself, you’re better off avoiding anyone who is related to, or works with, a TV real estate agent. While the transactions are real, there is so much more to real estate than over-dramatized phone calls with the other agents and lavish parties.

Focus on an agent who puts you and your needs first and can handle the complexities of a transaction with discretion and expediency.

The Niche-less

A lot of real estate agents will tell you, “I do it all!” Just because they say yes to everyone doesn’t mean that you should. While the practice of buying and selling is largely transferable, it’s important to work with an agent familiar with your priorities.

Look for an agent who checks more than just the “has a real estate license” box. Keep in mind, that in this industry, an agent’s niche could be a neighborhood (Glenville, Millbrook, etc.), it could be a property type (classic centennial homes, condos, waterfront properties, etc.), or a lifestyle type (golfer, parent, foodie, investor, etc.).

The “Strictly Business”

Buying and selling real estate can be an extremely personal experience, deciding the values of “home” for you and your family. Real estate agents who focus more on facts and figures instead of needs and wants often leave clients feeling unconsidered.
Find an agent who you feel comfortable trusting, because at the end of the day, it’s your home and nothing should be overlooked. Most of all: find an agent you enjoy and who will make the process fun! There are a lot of ups and downs along the way, and you are going to spend a fair amount of time together. A sense of humor is often a much welcome respite in an often stressful experience. Don’t forget to bring yours along for the ride, and be sure your agent has one, too!


Julie Grace Burke


An easy way to avoid the above pitfalls and more, is to work with a trusted partner of LOOK, TeamJGB, helmed by Julie Grace Burke. With over 25 years woven into the fabric of Greenwich, Julie’s story is intertwined with the town’s evolution. From a quiet suburban community to a cosmopolitan haven, Julie has been part of Greenwich’s transformation first-hand. Backed by an incredible team, she offers a wealth of knowledge and understanding beyond mere facts and figures about real estate.

#JulieKnows Greenwich


After growing up across the border in Rye, and having attended high school in Greenwich, Julie and her husband John, consciously chose Greenwich as the place to raise their family. Allured by all that this town has to offer, Julie possesses an innate understanding of what makes Greenwich tick. She’s not just a broker; she’s a parent and an active member of the community.

Top Producer

Buying, selling, or navigating the complexities of the market becomes smooth sailing with Julie’s guidance. Her transparency, meticulous attention to detail, and proven track record has landed TeamJGB in the top rankings of Greenwich Real Estate agents.


Being an expert in real estate is really about knowing people. Julie’s keen sense of negotiation and interpersonal relationships allow her to secure deals for her clients often ahead of any bidding war. And if there is a bidding war, you’ll most often find Julie’s name on the signed contract.

Off Market Aficionado

Greenwich is home to many well-heeled residents who prefer to stay under the radar, therefore many homes trade without ever being listed publicly. Given Julie’s exceptional relationships with her real estate peers, she’s able to transact without your neighbors knowing until they spot the moving truck.

Cultural Connoisseur

Having served for six years on the Board of Directors of the Greenwich Land Trust and as a benefactor of the acclaimed Bruce Museum, Julie has her finger on the pulse of Greenwich’s cultural scene.

Educational Navigator

Whether you seek top-ranked public schools, prestigious private institutions, or enriching extracurricular activities of all kinds be they athletic or artistic, Julie’s insider knowledge helps you find the perfect fit for your child’s needs.

The Nationwide Power of Compass

TeamJGB is part of the largest brokerage in the United States, ranked #1 in sales volume for the 3rd year in a row. Compass is backed by the only end-to-end real estate technology platform, maximizing Julie’s ability to transact seamlessly. Often a featured speaker on luxury real estate on panels in other markets throughout the US, Julie has a trusted real estate partner—often one who has become a personal friend—in virtually every city and state. If you are thinking of exploring a second home, or a major move, let Julie connect you with the agent who will be the perfect match for your needs and personality.

Global Connector

Relocating? As a member of prestigious real estate associations, Julie has a worldwide network to ensure a seamless transition wherever life takes you.

Beyond Julie, TeamJGB

In addition to Julie’s unmatched experience, she is supported by a team of seasoned professionals who bring a wealth of expertise to the table. Together they are Team JGB at Compass. Learn more about the team at

Liz Levison, Sales Agent

A Greenwich native with a keen understanding of the local market, Liz specializes in providing personalized service tailored to each client’s needs. With nearly a decade of experience and an in-depth understanding of both city and suburban life, Liz offers invaluable insights into the nuances of Greenwich life. Her meticulous attention to detail and unwavering dedication ensure a seamless real estate experience from start to finish.

Craig Gibson Jr.,Client Relations Manager

Craig brings a distinguished background in luxury customer service and sales, with nearly two decades of experience working for esteemed fashion brands. Craig’s discerning eye for timeless investments, superb negotiating skills, sharp sense of style, and reputation for delivering white-glove service is a natural match for the refined residents of Greenwich, Connecticut.

Jack Richards, Marketing Manager

Armed with a deep understanding of design principles and psychological nuances, Jack crafts compelling narratives that elevate properties to new heights. A background in architecture and luxury marketing lends a distinct perspective to Team JGB, ensuring that every listing is presented in its best light.

Your Gateway to Greenwich

Greenwich is more than just a location; it’s a lifestyle. With Julie and her team by your side, you unlock the door to a world of possibilities. From finding your dream home to discovering hidden gems within the community, they empower you to embrace the best that Greenwich has to offer.

For the next few months, stay tuned as TeamJGB unpacks the intricacies of real estate in Greenwich. From what it takes to sell your home in a day (hint: it takes more than a day), to how to buy an off-market property, and everything in between, they are our LOOK residential real estate experts.