Greenwich, Connecticut
June 28, 2018

Fairfield County LOOK held its second annual Travel Forum luncheon.  Laura Blair owner of In Villas Veritas and Susan Farewell, travel designer from Farewell Travels and Travel Editor, Fairfield County LOOK provided a wealth of information on current travel trends.  The theme was “Trip or Vacation?”  The conversation spanned many topics including the benefits of staying in a villa vs. hotel and the fantastic amenities that come with it:  full staff including chauffer and car, butler, and chef with tailored menus and wines to the guests’ specifications.  Adventure trips are current, including trips that take you out of your comfort zone:  hiking, surfing, climbing.  Special interest trips are also hot right now – including highly curated adventures.  How about a chocolate trip through Europe along with a study of World War II?  The luncheon was sponsored by insurance firm, BridgePoint Risk Management, Farewell Travels and In Villas Veritas.