Greenwich, CT
June 28, 2023
Hundreds turned out for Fairfield County LOOK’s celebration of fourteen bestselling authors and their newest books on Greenwich LOOK Literary Day, June 28th in partnership with PURE Insurance. The event ran all day with authors’ panels and a fabulous trunk show, lunch and cocktails.

The panels and their moderators were the following: Summer Reads, with Fiona Davis, Annabel Monaghan and Avery Carpenter Forrey spoke with Julie Grace Burke from Compass Real Estate, one of the main sponsors of the event. Memoirs with Christine Barker and Torrance York was moderated by Icy Frantz. Suspense and True Crime – Joseph Hooper, Hank Phillippi Ryan and Wendy Walker spoke with Demetra Ganias. How to Start a Writing Group – Beth Nixon collaborated with Elizabeth Birkelund and Suzanne Zweizig. America – Underwater and Sinking was a talk with author James B. Lockhart and Barrett Burns. Momfluenced author, Sara Petersen conversed with Hagar Chemali and LOOK Editor, Elaine Ubiña spoke with Adam Alter and Tracy Fox in the Psych and Self-Help category.

The vibrant trunk show vendors were: Cara Gabriella, Choix Home, Eve & Max, Gas Bijoux, Plume Collection by Kate Collins, Runo, Sarah Sclarandis, Social Seas, Squeeze de Citron, Timo & Violet, Top Banana and Willkie’s.