Bridgeport, CT

June 7, 2024

Chikahisa Studio and PEHT Collaborate to Empower Survivors Through Artisan Jewelry

Chikahisa Studio, a renowned Seattle-based jewelry design studio, has partnered with PEHT, a leading anti-trafficking organization, to create a unique bracelet aimed at raising awareness and providing job skills for survivors of human trafficking. This collaboration will see Ann Chikahisa, founder of Chikahisa Studio, training PEHT staff on June 7, 2024, in the creation of these meaningful pieces, each stamped with the word “LOVE.” The bracelets will be available for purchase on both the PEHT and Chikahisa Studio websites, with proceeds supporting PEHT’s mission. This initiative aligns with the growing consumer interest in ethically produced luxury items, as highlighted by Forbes’ recent report predicting the luxury goods market to reach $386.9 billion in revenue in 2024. This collaboration not only addresses a critical social issue but also reflects the jewelry industry’s shift towards personalized and impactful pieces, as seen at the recent Couture Show. Chikahisa Studio’s commitment to social responsibility and innovation is evident in this initiative, which aims to engage the community in the fight against human trafficking. For an exclusive look at this initiative, we invite you to join us and witness how two organizations can drive meaningful change.